Posthuman Episode 5 “Recidivist” (2011) – By James Dubbeldam

Recidivist is the fifth episode of the web series Posthuman. I was asked to review this episode after previously reviewing the first three episodes for Rogue. I really like this web series and I think it’s got a lot of potential. So I was excited to get into the fifth and see where it was going.

The episode starts off with a bang. The sole location of the episode is quickly set up and the quick, intense story begins. But because of the ‘alternate’ world the series is set in I was hoping for more to establish the location(s) and feel. I would suggest wider angles and more establishing shots so the viewer gets a sense of its feel to create an attachment to the setting.  This episode has very well suited music which serves it’s purpose brilliantly creating an eerie atmosphere and isn’t even that noticeable.

With great actors who react quickly and speak fast- yet not too quickly- and a complex, mysterious plot, the viewer is literally thrown into a tale of conspiracies, suspense and a detective drama story. Although the story line moves steadily forward, it’s difficult at times to know what’s going on. There’s enough there to want to know more, but it would be nice to be spoon fed once and while. It yearns for the audience to pay attention and offers a reward later on.

There were a few things about the episode I thought needed addressing. The first would be the camera work. It was shaky, almost as if the ground was moving. I can kind of see what the purpose was (to create tension etc.) but I felt it was distracting and was pulling me away from concentrating on the dialogue. I also noticed the focus issues (which might have been done on purpose) but again I didn’t see the desired effect.

The one thing I would love to see with this web series is cutting between scenes/locations/times during the individual episodes. Instead of having each one about one thing and being set on a limited scale, why not combine a few of them and layer them together? Just a thought.

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