Potpourri (2011) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes movies just mess with your head, and sometimes you just know that if you’re a little drunk or high, you’d enjoy it more. Well, Potpourri is one of those movies!

Basically the story of 5 philosophy students who have a paper due the next day, and if the paper doesn’t pass, they’re all out of college, Potpourri starts with a movie reviewer watching the movie with us! Well, the friends decide that the concepts involved in the course are too deep for them, and if they expand their minds with drugs, they might do a better job of understanding them….and so, illicit substances are taken, and each student goes on a different trip. One heads into a strange musical romp, two wind up in medieval times fighting for a princess, and the others end up in a zombie apocalypse. And, in the end, papers are turned in and…well, that would be giving it away, wouldn’t it?

Potpourri is really just that, it’s a potpourri of genres all mixed up, and what could end up a big mess, somehow it all works. It does become a bit confusing toward the middle, but writer/director Elliot Diviney manages to pull it all together in the end to make Potpourri an excellent little head trip of a movie! I’m giving Potpourri 2 different ratings, if you’re a bit messed up, it gets 4 out of 4, if you’re sober, then it’s a solid 3 out of 4….but it’s worth seeing either way, you’ll just enjoy it more one way! Find out more over at http://www.potopourrimovie.com.