Praey (2005) – By Brian Morton

 Have you ever watched a movie, thinking that you knew where it was going, only to be surprised that a gifted writer was able to take a familiar premise and freshen it up? Well, I just finished watching such a movie! It’s called Praey, and it’s at the same time familiar and new, a very good combination.

Praey is the story of Sara, after cleaning up her life, Sara leads a pretty simple life until her daughter is taken and her husband is killed one night, after that Sara’s life spirals back to where it came from…drugs and prostitution. When she’s kidnapped one night, Sara thinks that she’s going to be raped and perhaps murdered, but she’s in store for so much more. Sara had been kidnapped by a man who plans to hunt her for sport. Is this sounding at all familiar to you? Well, it should, it’s basically a take on that old story, The Most Dangerous Game, but there’s still more. Sara eludes her hunter and keeps coming across strange women in the woods. Her hunter, Charles, keeps seeing these women too, who disappear as suddenly as they appear! It seems that the spirits of all the women that Charles has killed remain in the woods and plan to use Sara to take their revenge. Is that all there is to Praey? Not at all, but why should I give it all away? You should check Praey our for yourself.

Filmmaker Tiffany Sinclair has crafted a movie that seems to be one thing, but is in fact another, and that’s not an easy thing to do and still make your movie interesting, which this definitely is. The scenes shot from the perspective of the spirits of the woods are familiar enough to know what we’re seeing, but different enough to be unique. Praey manages to take the familiar and breath fresh life into it. The scenery is beautiful, the acting is good and the writing and directing are very strong! If you’re looking for a great movie that’s a little bit ghost story and a little bit action movie, then Praey is right up your alley. You can check it out for yourself at Carsinogenic Candy Productions and I’ll tell you right now, it’s worth the trip! So, until next we meet when I’ll combine a couple of film genres myself, I’m thinking about a combo kids movie and horror movie, where Ooompa Loompas stalk and kill teenagers at a summer camp, remember that the best movies are bad movies.