Prince of Swine (2010) – By Katie Wynne

Listen, I’m not against feminism, but there are few things more annoying than a woman screaming at men for over an hour and a half. That said my take on Prince of Swine might be skewed based on that aggravation.

Focused on the debauched state of Hollywood – ruled by “pimps,” “pigs” and general “assholes” – Prince of Swine is what you could describe as a crime drama laced with sex scenes and topped with one bitch out to show the world what’s what. Attacking one of Hollywood’s biggest directors for hiring and firing women based on their willingness to “bend over and look like [they] want to get [effed],” Julie (Nell Ruttledge) is on a mission. It’s a mission nearly thwarted by a new love affair with her partner at the law firm. Plus, her past is riddled with romantic failures, which has left her hyper skeptical and mega…I would go on, but why?

The movie tries hard to be shocking, and I was shocked. I was shocked by how many unnecessary sex scenes there were. Honestly, if you do it right you don’t have to do it 12 times.

Maybe I am being too harsh. Maybe the film actually grabs Hollywood by its sick and twisted balls and tells the world, “Look world, Hollywood is fake and full of nasty businessmen!” Oh wait…I think we knew that already.

I apologize for my brazen tone – I just can’t get behind this one.

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