Pro Kopf (2012) – By Kyle Hytonen

Martin (Ray Strachan) is away on another long business trip. He doesn’t really enjoy his job anymore and finds the best part of this lonely night in his hotel room raiding the mini bar, getting drunk and watching bad TV.

As he gets buzzed, Martin decides to call home and talk dirty with his wife. He phones home, the other line picks up and Martin begins his dirty talk, only it is not his wife on the other end. With foot in mouth Martin discovers his wife back home has just hired a maid, who unfortunately is on the receiving end of Martin’s lacklustre phone sex attempt. Martin finds out from the maid that his wife is unfortunately unavailable to speak with her husband. As a matter of fact, the maid informs Martin that his wife is in bed with another man at that exact moment. Enraged, Martin makes the maid an offer that she may very well not be able to refuse, and help him get back at his wife’s infidelity even though he is miles away. What transpires next is one of the freshest and most irreverent twists a revenge film has taken in quite some time, and a great cat and mouse game between two complete strangers.

Pro Kopf, German for The Maid, is an absolute marvel of a film. Taking place entirely inside Martin’s hotel room and mostly in phone conversation with the faceless Maid character (voice of Fiana de Guzman), this film achieves more in its 14 minute run time than most features can. It is wild, funny, intense and masterfully crafted. Strachan holds the entire film in his hands, and he delivers a spectacular performance as Martin. He holds our sympathy from the get go, even when he maliciously gives the Maid details on where she will find his gun in the house.

Director/Editor Sascha Zimmerman (along with Cinematographer David Rankenhohn and sound designer Nikolas Muhe) creates a magnificent sense of dread in the film. Pro Kropf plays out like a devilish parlay of the visual wizardry of Danny Boyle and the psychological manipulation of Hitchcock. The script, brilliantly penned from writer Tommy Draper has a devilish twist at the film’s climax that will have even the most subdued viewer in shock and the harshest cynic smiling from ear to ear. The film harkens back to the finest of Twilight Zone episodes and is sure to leave you with feeling very satisfied for staying in this hotel room.

After a 2 year film festival run Pro Kopf will soon be available to watch online in its entirety. You can check out the film’s trailer here on director Sascha Zimmerman’s Vimeo page.