Profile of a Killer (2012) – By Brian Morton

Serial killer movies are one of my favorite genres. So much so, that when I got Caspian Tredwell-Owen’s Profile of a Killer in my inbox, I was a bit apprehensive. After all, low budget serial killer movies tend to focus on the killing and go for the gore shocks rather than the suspense and mental aspects of the genre. Well, I have to say, my apprehension faded away quickly and this movie goes right in the win column!!

Profile of a Killer is really the story of Saul, a profiler who’s retired and now writes books and consults occasionally. Saul’s been called in for the H-61 killings, a series of killings that has police baffled, so baffled that Saul isn’t the first profiler that’s been called in…and all have been wrong. Not long after Saul is on the case, he’s kidnapped by the killer and here’s where this movie gets really good and really original.

Once Saul is in the hands of David, our killer, a bizarre game of cat and mouse begins, David wants Saul to profile him, to figure out why he’s killing people, and if he doesn’t get it right, David will kill again. All this is going on while the authorities are staging a desperate search for Saul.

The real thrill in this movie is the dynamic between Saul (Gabriele Angieri) and David (Joey Pollari), both actors have a firm grasp on their character and the relationship veers wildly from hostage/kidnapper to father/son and back again. There really are some terrific scenes with just these two actors in them, both are obviously very talented actors, and these scenes will have you on the edge of your seat! I have to give Tredwell-Owen real credit here, he’s done what most people can’t, put together a low budget serial killer movie that’s so good it really should be picked up and shown everywhere! This is a fantastic movie and I can’t praise it enough. I’m giving Profile of a Killer 4 out of 4 cigars, if you like this genre as much as I do, then you’ll love this movie! Do yourself a favor and head over to and grab a copy of this….NOW!