Prom Night (1980) – By Alexandra Bradley

A group of children are playing a modified version of hide and seek in an abandoned school. Instead of “ready or not, here I come” they say “the killer is on the loose” and when the kids who are hiding are found they say, “I’ve killed you” (morbid little kids, eh?). Three siblings, Kim (Jamie Lee Curtis), Robin (Tammy Bourne), and Alex (Michael Tough) are walking home from school and see the kids are playing. Kim realizes that she left her geometry book at school and runs back to school. Robin wants to play with the other kids. Alex goes home without her, warning her that the other kids don’t want her to play. When she ruins their game the kids begin to bully her taunting “kill, kill”. Robin is backed up against a rotted window; she falls out and dies. The kids want to go get help but one girl, Wendy (Anne Marie Martin) says they’ll go to jail. No one will believe it was an accident. She makes them swear not to tell anyone. When her body is found, the police say that a child molester tried to get her.

Six years later on the day of the prom all the kids that were involved with Robin’s death, Kelly (Mary Beth Rubens), Nick (Casey Stevens), Jude (Joy Thompson), and Wendy receive weird phone calls from a husky voiced stranger. He tells them he’ll see them at the prom. Nick is in love with Kim and is taking her to the prom. Wendy is in love with Nick but he blows her off. In a very “Carrie-esque” way, Wendy talks a bully, Lou (David Muuci) who’s in love with Kim, into humiliating both Kim and her brother Alex. Will Lou go too far? Who’s killing all the teens involved with the childhood murder? Does the escaped serial rapist have anything to do with it?

In all…this was a very predictable “horror” movie. They try to throw some decoys in there (the killer rapist that escapes, Kim’s father is nowhere to be found after a few murders are made, the shifty janitor, the uni-browed mongoloid Lou, the angry detective, etc) but after the first kill you have a pretty good idea who it is. At first I thought it was too obvious, but apparently not since that’s who it was. Oh well. By the way…what’s up with those MORBID kids? Who plays a game that consists of pretending to murder people. When I was ten…I was playing house and Barbie’s. Am I the weird one? Whatever. Why’d the kids feel the need to cover it up? Why couldn’t they just say she decided to play with them and accidentally fell out the window? It’s almost all true…except the part when the cornered her and forced her against a rotting window. But who needs those kinds of details. If they’re smart enough to know they could go to jail and swear not to tell anyone…then they should be smart enough to just bend the truth a little. No one saw them. Okay…maybe I’m the morbid one…

The biggest problem I had with this movie was the fact that all the kids who accidentally killed Kim’s sister…(minus Wendy) were all FRIENDS with Kim. Does the fact that they killed her sister not eat away at them? Nick is in LOVE with Kim. Maybe he’s only in love with her because he feels guilty. What happens when it comes out? They’re married 20 years and he confesses out of guilt…can you continue a marriage? Anyway, her friends don’t even seem to think about it and they’re all buddy with her. If that were me, I’d avoid her like the plague.

Second…what’s up with “Slick”? He acts completely blind when his glasses aren’t on, but when he’s trying to drive away from the killer and he’s about to careen off a cliff he sees that he’s about to fly off the cliff and covers his face (isn’t that the equivalent of hiding underneath your desk to avoid the A-bomb?). Earlier he said he couldn’t even tell if he was looking at stars or not.

Y’know what I noticed? Disco dancing is so choreographed. You need to practice your routine 3 weeks in advance if you’re going to dance like that. Wow. The only think this movie was missing was the “aahh” music from that prom night video you watch in drivers ed. That would’ve been a redeeming quality for this mediocre wannabe slasher flick. It was kind of boring and not all that interesting. I give it two stars.