Puppatics (2014) – By Josh Samford

Puppatics is an online puppet comedy series that certainly shows allegiance to the glory days of The Muppet Show. However, it is done on a modest budget and often seems to be aesthetically similar to something like MTV’s Sifl & Olly television program. The show uses a green screen background, usually decorated with simple cartoon backdrops, while the puppets stand out within the foreground. Currently there are six episodes up, with each episode running only a few minutes in length. The comedy is short and sweet, focusing on a quick set-up and then a final punchline. Most of these little mini-sodes focus on the group either hoping to get on television, or talking about how they intend to take over the internet. These puppets are bent on domination, and most plot points focus on this characteristic.

Overall, the premise for the show, as well as its length, makes it a rather original venture. Is the show targeted at kids, or shooting for a middle ground? It is tough to say at times. Some of the situational humor doesn’t seem broad enough to be targeted at kids, and the wit within the show certainly isn’t born out of adult themes for the most part. However, in the sixth episode, the most recent one uploaded, the series has apparently moved into an edgier direction. It’s an interesting project and worth a look for those who are interested in what a YouTube puppet show may look like. You can find the videos via the Zombie Tea Party YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZombieTeaPartyProd