Pure Evil – Palpatine – By Mark Hite

Sometimes, I swear I over think things in the world of Sci-Fi. For example, I could never figure out why people always chose Darth Vadar as the ultimate evil in Star Wars. Yes he was a bad ass who caused the deaths of plenty of people but when it comes down to it, he is a lackey for a greater evil. On every single show that deals with the top movie villians I never his name and frankly, I’ve had enough! Perhaps my favorite movie villian of all time is that shriveled old prune know as the Emporer. That is why I have chosen to honor him in this edition of Pure Evil. To understand his brillance, you have to start where it all began.

Senator Palpatine had the master plan from the beginning. In Episode I The Phantom Menace, he convinced the Trade Federation to protest taxation under the guise of Darth Sidious. Meanwhile he took on the roll of trustworthy senator and helped Queen Amidala protest their blockade and invasion of her planet of Naboo. When no help was offered she voted no cofidence in the Republic’s leadership. This gave way to Senator Palpatine taking the role of chancelor.

In Episode II Attack Of The Clones, chaos ensued the republic and Count Dooku, a former Jedi turned Sith Lord, led a separatist movement against the Republic. Palpatine, out a Sith apprentice after Darth Maul’s demise, worked in unison with Dooku while keeping his true identity quiet as Darth Sidious. The droid army led by Dooku led an attack on the Republic. Meanwhile under the guise of the Chancelor, he was given the go ahead on an army of clones for the Republic to take on the droid army. All the while Palpatine schemed to put the last part of his plan into motion for the ultimate in control and weaponry.

Lastly, in Episode III Revenge Of The Sith, we get to see Palpatine’s plot come full circle. Palpatine is captured by the separatists who are led by General Grievous. After being rescued by Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, Palpatine finds himself short of a Sith Lord once again when Count Dooku is destroyed by young Skywalker. The patient Palpatine watched Skywalker since he was a boy and slowly lured him to the Dark Side over the years.

Skywalker is lured even further by Palpatine when he has visions of his love Amidala’s death. When Anakin finds out he is the one behind the Sith, he reports his findings to fellow Jedi. Palpatine destroys several Jedi who come to arrest him and with the help of Anakin taken down Jedi Master Mace Windu. After making a promise to Anakin to teach him how to stop death with the Dark Side, he dubs his new apprentice Darth Vadar. Palpatine gives the order to his army of clones to execute all Jedi and the remains of the Separatists. It is after this he is able to stop the war and declare himself head of a galactic empire.

Under the galactic empire, Palpatine ruled with an iron fist through fear of the force. He disbands any reminder of the old republic by Episode IV. While enjoying absolute power, he let his band of baddies deal with the rebellion. Although his ultimate weapon, the Death Star, was destroyed he built another one which became operational by Episode VI. He schemed to make Vadar believe that he had visions of his son Luke destroying him. Thus this would pave the way for Vadar to take over the galaxy with him as father and son. Being an opportunist Sith Lord, Palpatine knew Vadar’s son was stronger and would make a great apprentice. He set forth a brilliant plan in which Palpatine set up the rebels into believing they had information that could destroy the new Death Star. This plan nearly destroys the rebellion but unfortunately, the terrorists known as the rebels find a way. That and the whiny brat Luke does not give into the Dark Side which forces Palpatine to destroy him. He almost does until the useless turncoat Vadar destroy him.

There is much more to Palpatine’s evil ways but lets look at this at base level. You have to admit this is one of the most ingenious evil plots ever in movie history. A good evil character will always be an opportunist and he perfected that role. Right away he is handed a free leg up on starting, what would ultimately be, the Republic’s demise when he becomes Chancellor. The war he ultimately causes gives him all the power he ever needed to take control of the entire galaxy. Not only that but with the turmoil of the invasion and blockade, he is able to distract everyone while he created his future imperial army.

Which brings up the next area of interest. The Jedi, throughout the movies, always thought they were the stronger and the wiser than the Sith. Palpatine did all of this under their noses and they had no clue til it was to late. While the Jedi refused to recognize Anakin as a powerful force, Palpatine was more than happy to take him under his wing. If the Jedi were so powerful, why did Obi Wan and Yoda run like pansies to obscurity. I will tell you why, because Palpatine knew how to get stuff done and didn’t care who got hurt in the process. If one of his apprentices was lacking, he found someone more powerful to take their place. Want to take over the galaxy, use everyone around you til you get it. All of this is the ultimate in pure evil, Emporer Palpatine.