Pure Evil – The Wishmaster – By Mark Hite

Being the first edition of pure evil, I wanted to pay homage to a lesser known evil. He has been around since the dawn of time, lives in a small stone but enjoys the outside world more, and will make all you wishes come true. He is the Djinn; known primarily as The Wishmaster.

Andrew Divoff first brought life to this evil fellow back in 1997. Produced by Wes Craven, the original Wishmaster tells the story of a stone found in an ancient statue. The statue is bought by a wealthy collector of artifacts named Raymond Beaumont. The stone is released from the statue after an shipping accident. Within the stone is a powerful Djinn or better known as a genie. However unlike the genie in Aladdin, this guy’s intention’s are much darker. He grants single wishes to start for people’s souls which increase his power. Once the souls give him enough power, he allows the person who awoke him to make three wishes. After the third wish is granted, his people can destroy and take over the earth. In the meantime, the Djinns live in the void between the worlds waiting for their chance to rise. What makes this Wishmaster original is his sadistic nature in fulfilling wishes his way, which normally isn’t the best for the victim.

For example, a store clerk wishes she could be ageless so he turns her into a mannequin. One person wishes not to see the Wishmaster stealing a face off a corpse. Immediately the person’s eyes are sewn shut. A disgruntled security challenges him to walk through him to get inside the place he is guarding. The Wishmaster agrees, the fellow becomes part of the glass door behind him, and as promised the Wishmaster walks right through him. Yes this fellow has class!

His best work in the first movie comes when he attends a party thrown by Mr. Beaumont. It is there Beaumont wishes he could throw a party people would talk about for ages. Well being the kind guy he is, the Wishmaster grants him this wish. Immediately chaos takes over the dimly lit party. A guy gets his head ripped off by piano wire, people get glass shards in their face, and a few warrior statues come to life to slaughter Beaumont’s guards. One unfortunate guard literally gets his face crushed in and we get to see it!

After taking on a defeat in the first movie, The Wishmaster returned three more times in mostly straight to video sequels. Actor John Novak replaced Divoff in the later two. No matter how many times our friend comes back, you can be sure sadistic fun awaits. So congratulations Wishmaster, we wish you only the best. Damn, I said the “W” word didn’t I…