Purge Clause (2011) – By Brian Morton

I keep telling myself that I have to get back to Indiana. Especially in September for Franklin, Indiana’s B Movie Celebration, because that’s where I first met film-maker Randy DeFord. Randy is an great guy and a pretty damn good film-maker to boot. His latest is a short starring Lloyd Kaufman and Julie Powers, is Purge Clause and it’s a pretty cool short that deserves longer treatment.

The story here is simple, Julie plays a woman who works for the government and has become privy to some very interesting (but scary) information. Lloyd is her counselor, who’s trying to figure out whether or not she’s telling the truth…and indeed, what the truth even is.

The real beauty of this short is in it’s simplicity. It all takes place in one room, yet the drama is incredibly effective. Julie is great as the frightened ‘woman on the run’ and, while it’s always great to see Lloyd Kaufman, DeFord may be the first person I know of to actually cast him in a dramatic role…and he’s great!!

I’m giving Purge Clause 4 out of 4 cigars…because I wanted to see MORE! You can find out for yourself what a purge clause is and why I love this short so much by joining Randy’s You Tube page over at http://www.youtube.com/user/oakroadmm.