Purple Glow (2005) – By Jordan Garren

 Last month, indie film maker SV Bell blind-sided me with his second feature length film, She-Demons of the Black Sun. She-Demons was full of nudity, violence, and some majorly disturbing visuals. Needless to say, I loved it! Now I find myself taking a step back in time and reviewing SV’s second movie, Purple Glow. During the beginning of the movie, a feuding couple named Justin and Debbie, are headed to the deep woods for a night of booze and sex with their friends Mia and Darin. Along the way, they end up picking up Samantha, a buxom blonde whose car has just broken down. The trio soon arrive at the campground and meet up with their friends, just as a strange meteor descends from space and crashes nearby. And that’s where the fun begins!

The mystery rock from space is actually an evil entity bent on destroying our world. By touching said rock, members of the female gender become carnivorous, blood-sucking whores! Soon, Samantha, Mia, and a redheaded astronomer succumb to the evil within the rock and begin killing off any nearby men, and in some cases, they gyrate sexually upon the corpses of their victims! By the end of the film, Darin and Justin are dead, leaving Debbie to save the day. And just when it seems that she has triumphed over the alien force within the stone, dozens of similar meteors fall to Earth and touch off a blood-sucking whore epidemic! Purple Glow runs at a brisk seventy-eight minutes and rarely drags. When men-folk aren’t being straddled and devoured by the film’s sultry female stars, we get a healthy dose of humorous dialogue and fun character interaction.

Michael Brunet who played Darin in the film ends up being one of the funniest characters, especially when he drunkenly tells a campfire tale and gets the ending completely wrong! (He essentially blends the "hook on the car door handle" tale with "When a Stranger Calls" and totally botches the ending! Funny stuff!) The rest of the cast all appeared to be having a good time and at the very least, turned in amusing performances. (The actor that portrayed the horny "astronomer" that was constantly trying to get into his red-headed companion’s pants won’t win any awards for his acting, but he may just put a smile on your face.) The effects in Purple Glow are minimal but well done, especially considering that SV didn’t have a huge budget to work with. Computer effects were used to create scenes of an asteroid heading toward Earth, as well as all the scenes where the film’s accursed meteorites fall to our planet’s surface, and of course, only the power of computer-generated effects could give said evil space rock its "purple glow."

As for the rest of the effects, we sadly don’t get to see chunks of flesh bitten off of people and loads of arterial spray. Instead, every time an alien-possessed female kills her victim, she just shoves her face deep into his neck, resulting in lots of fake blood. Although Purple Glow lacked the gratuitous female nudity,  violence, and gore I saw in She-Demons of the Black Sun, there’s still a lot to like here in this indie sci-fi film! Currently you can purchase Purple Glow over at www.svbell.com. You can either buy the single disc edition of the film (which includes several trailers for SV’s other films) or the two-disc special edition. The 2-disc set includes a blooper reel, outtakes, a behind the scenes featurette, the original trailer for Purple Glow, and a short film called Encounters of the Very Close Kind. As of my writing this, SV Bell is working on his next two movies,  Rise of the Ghosts and Rise of the Ghosts II: The Clawed Warden, which are both in the pre-production stages. To learn more about these upcoming feature film, check go to www.svbell.com today!