Push and Pull (2011) – By Brian Morton

Have you ever seen a play that’s been turned into a movie? There’s always the feel like there’s something not ‘movie-like’ going on. Well, that’s the feeling I got with Push and Pull, the latest movie from Low Budget No Budget Productions.

Here’s the story: Christine is prostitute who’s just trying to get by in the world, Ken is a frustrated playwright. The two meet and it becomes Ken’s personal mission to ‘save’ Christine from the path she’s on. The problem is that Christine doesn’t have a problem with her path and begins to resent Ken for wanting to change her. Ultimately, Christine leaves town (and Ken) and Ken is forced to rethink his own life.

The issues I had with this movie were many and varied. First, Ken and his father (both of whom write plays) both speak as if they’re writing, not as if they’re speaking. Ken’s father delivers wonderful tales of morality that all speak to Ken’s problems exactly…which feels a bit strange. Christine dresses more like a girl on her way to church than a hooker and her ‘working girl’ attitude isn’t very ‘street-wise’. Plus, the movie clocks in a well over an hour and a half, but it feels like it’s twice that long…I felt like it could have had at least an hour cut out of it and still had a coherent story.

I’m giving Push and Pull 2 out of 4 cigars; it had potential, but just didn’t find it’s traction at all. The dialogue was stilted, the acting was okay and there were just too many issues to distract from the story…and, who wants to be a play-wright anymore, anyway? Find out more by heading over to http://www.lbnbprod.com.