Rabies (2011) – By Brian Morton

Foreign horror is always fun. Besides getting a glimpse into another culture and what scares them, it’s always nice to see old themes through the lens of young filmmakers. Well, a new Israeli film, Rabies, takes the ‘psycho in the woods’ genre and turns it completely on it’s head…and you’re going to love it!

Our tale starts with a brother and sister, she’s trapped in a hole in the woods and her brother is going for help. He runs into two couples who are lost on their way to a fun weekend. Soon, the three couples lives are turned upside down in ways that they (or you) would ever expect! To give away too much of the plot would ruin this mind-warp of a film for you, so let me just say, many people will die…but not who you’d think and not how you’d think. There’s a killer out there, but when all is revealed, you’ll discover that any of us have the ability to kill within us!

Rabies will probably be largely ignored as just another ‘virus’ type film….don’t let the title fool you, there’s no disease running rampant, there’s no foaming at the mouth and there’s no pack of sick animals hunting humans…the rabies here is pure, unadulterated madness…and it can affect anyone!

I’m giving Rabies 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s not what I expected…it’s sooooo much better! Run, don’t walk, over to http://www.image-entertainment.com and get a copy now, before everyone you know is talking about it!