Radioactive Flesh Eating Foliage (2015) – Jim Morazzini


With a title like this you know from the start, or at least should know, that you are not getting high drama, or any kind of a serious film for that matter. And if you go into this micro-budget epic with that attitude you may just have a good time.

The plot is concerns missing hikers in the woods where a company has been dumping toxic waste for many years. And as you know situations like that never end well. The plants have become hungry, hungry for human flesh. Or at least that’s what the plot says, several of the scenes look more like the foliage is trying to mate with female hikers rather than dine on them, (there’s a joke about getting wood in there somewhere…). Indeed the film has more nudity than gore,  it’s actually pretty much gore free, but I should add the actresses on display here are not what you usually see in a film. Much more the girls in the neighborhood than the usual stripper look-alikes. If the site of an actress who definitely qualifies as a BBW taking an extended shower isn’t your thing you’ve been warned. I’m actually happy to see a cast that look like real people for a change, but I know others don’t share that opinion.

Given it’s lack of budget the film wisely doesn’t try to do much for effects, we see a large branch shaken at the camera frequently to indicate an attack. We also get the same kind of attacking vines we saw in the original Evil Dead. But since the film never really takes itself very seriously they work rather well.

Thankfully the other tech credits are considerably better than usual for a film like this. The camera work is solid and not headache inducing and the sound is well done, no trying to guess at dialogue. So many very low budget films cut corners on the sound and it drives me up a wall, the fact they did it right alone makes me want to recommend the film.

Radioactive Flesh Eating Foliage is at it’s heart an affectionate send up of just the very thing it is, an ultra low budget horror film. Cliched plot, outrageous characters, lack of effects and bad acting are all put on display and played for laughs.

It’s not, however, a laugh out loud comedy, it’s just a fun little film that will have you chuckling as it painlessly kills 72 minutes of your time and a few of your brain cells.