ReGOREgetated Sacrifice (2008) – By Brian Morton

 You know, I’ve been watching movies, practically, my whole life. When it comes to shock and horror, I’ve pretty much seen it all. So, when I got a movie called ReGOREgetated Sacrifice, which guaranteed to shock and offend me, I was pretty eager to see it. After all, as a horror fan, that’s what I’m always looking for. Well, when you manage to shock and offend me, it’s really saying something and this movie isn’t so much a movie as a series of grotesque vignettes designed to satisfy some bizarre fetish! So, to say I was shocked and offended is really saying the least.

Here’s what the official site says about the movie "Guided by identical twin demon spirits, the Black Angels Of Hell, we see the diabolical depiction of the alternate-parallel dimension of the simultaneous suicide deaths of Kurt Cobain and bulimic porn star Angela Aberdeen, as seen through the mental activity of Angela’s journey toward brain death as a result of her self-inflicted death by drowning." Now, that’s a big premise for this movie, here’s what I saw, the movie opens with a girl narrating what sounds to be a suicide note, then we see a set of Siamese twins, joined at the head, ruthlessly cut apart with splendid gore effects. Then we move into a girl being humiliated and tortured, then made to vomit and then vomited on. Each vignette adds onto this basic premise, a woman is humiliated, made to beg, then beaten, puked on, then killed. ReGOREgetated Sacrifice is one of those movies that actually managed to offend me. Not because of what was being done on film, but because this was sold as having some kind of story, and it’s really just a vomit fetish movie!

Director Lucifer Valentine (and I’m pretty sure that’s a pseudonym), has managed to put together something that people will enjoy, people who enjoy watching women urinate, or vomit or be humiliated in the worst possible ways! While it looks really great and is filmed in a marvelous manner, if you’re looking for a story or some semblance of plot, then you might as well shut it down. ReGOREgetated Sacrifice may be one of the most offensive things I’ve ever seen on film, not because it shocked my middle class sensibilities, but because it’s just not a good movie, maybe Mr. Valentine might have written a bit more story and focused a bit less on filming women peeing? Just a suggestion. I’m giving ReGOREgetated Sacrifice zero out of four cigars, because it’s just not a movie for anyone…unless you’re a vomit or urine fetishist, then it couldn’t be better! You can check this out for yourself…you weirdoes out there…by heading over to the ReGOREgetated Sacrifice web page. So, until next time, when I’ll be wondering how to get this crap out of my head, remember that the best movies are bad movies.