Requiem for the Relentless Fathers (2012) – By Brian Morton

I have to admit a growing fascination with the work of Alfred Eaker. Since seeing his first movie, Jesus And Her Gospel Of Yes, Eaker has become a more complex and intelligent filmmaker, making movies that are not just movies, but commentaries on modern society, art and general food for thought! His latest, Requiem for the Relentless Fathers is a Biblical tale told in a modern way.

If you’re not a ‘Bible person’, this is based on the First book of Samuel, which is a tale of kings…really an evaluation of kingship and the relationship between kings and God. The three main characters in the tale are Samuel, Saul and David and their relationship with each other and with God. If you’re unfamiliar with the book, which I have to admit I wasn’t, this is still an interesting story. Each is chosen by God to rule, but each seems to let the power go to their head and either disobeys God or interprets God’s rules in a way that seems to be to their advantage. The story is good, and will make you want to pick up your Bible and read the tale for yourself.

Whether you’re religious or not, Requiem for the Relentless Fathers is still an interesting movie with a moral that still holds true today! I’m giving Requiem for the Relentless Fathers 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, but if you’re willing to challenge yourself a bit, you’ll love it! Find out more over at