Retro Puppet Master (1999) – By Jason S. Lockard


Full Moon features most iconic and most successful film series has always been the Puppet Master series. Boasting of ten films in then series Those cute little evil puppets can’t help but capture our interest. Now Full Moon Features releases 1999’s release Retro Puppet Master on blu-ray.

This film is a prequel to Puppet Master III. The story follows Andre Toulon before he became the Puppet Master. In the days prior to his becoming the iconic character he spent his time running an avant-garde puppet theatre in pre-World War I Paris and loving Ilsa, the beautiful daughter of the Swiss ambassador. When Andre witnesses the heinous murder of Afzel, an Egyptian sorcerer, who has stolen the “Secret of Life” from an ancient god, Sutekh, he is forced into a life and death struggle with the servants of Sutekh who have kidnapped Ilsa. Will he save her how does he become the character we know? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

For those who have seen Puppet Master films you know what to expect in this film. The acting and the story is typical Puppet Master fare. But what makes this film a must own for Puppet Master fans is it marks the final appearance of actor Guy Rolfe as the elder Toulon.

The film has been restored from it’s original 35mm camera negative and looks and sounds really nice on the big screen HDTVs. Than on the blu-ray release there is the bonus features. These include a brand new director’s commentary, 2 hours of behind the scenes footage (with commentary), vintage Videozone special and trailers.

So if your a fan of the Puppet Master series, you gotta add this new blu-ray to your collection! Head over to and pick up your copy today!

Moral Rating: sexual situations and violence
Audience: parental guidiance
Genre: horror
Length: 80 Minutes
Our Rating: B+