Reviled, Ep. 1, Revival (2014) – By Misty Layne

Reviled is a new webseries about zombies that puts a bit of a spin on things. In this world, the zombie apocalypse was barely a blip on the radar and limited to only a few places. So now, people keep zombies specifically for pit fighting. Yep, zombie on zombie cage matches, pretty much. And the focus of this series is a man and his dead daughter who enter the underground world of zombie vs. zombie pit fighting. It’s an interesting concept – although it IS reminiscent of The Walking Dead where they would have zombies fight each other (and sometimes humans) while on hooks.

Written and directed by Jim Stramel, this story opens with an introduction to zombie pit fighting and then brings in a man who wants to put his zombie daughter into matches (although he actually seems quite torn about doing this and seems to be doing it because of how broke he is). This first episode is mainly world building and as a result is fairly slow (absolutely NOTHING happens in the first 8 minutes). We don’t learn much about the characters and who they are – we just know that seemingly everyone knows the man and his daughter and is concerned about him fighting her. Also the leader of the pit rings seems to be a nod to The Governor from The Walking Dead and he was pretty dead on. A point of interest – in this world zombies can feel pain. When they’re fighting each other, they scream and moan in pain. Another interesting angle is that while in the cage fighting, though they each have a human handler in there with them, the zombies never go for the humans, only each other. Finally, you can use materials to patch up your zombie’s injuries – so if an arm is torn off,  you can try to reattach it using duct tape or whatever is handy. There’s lots of rules happening here.

While this first episode was a bit on the boring side, it had enough new “zombie rules” to make me want to see what happens next. I’ve no complaints when it comes to the acting – the “Governor” guy was the best one to me. At times it was hard to hear the main characters over the screaming and talking of the extras cheering on the pit fighting – I’d suggest working out the sound, for sure. Overall though, not bad.

If you’re interested in learning more about Reviled, visit their website where you can rent the first episode!