Reviled: Episode 2 (2015) – By Misty Layne


At some point in the history of my career here at Rogue Cinema, I reviewed REVILED: EPISODE 1. It was either months ago or years ago, I’m honestly not sure (the first episode was released in 2014). As such, I don’t remember much about it. I know it involved pit fighting between zombies, but that’s pretty much it. Now REVILED: EPISODE 2 is here to continue the story (although the filmmaker’s hope that each episode can stand alone as well, so it shouldn’t matter).

In my opinion, this episode doesn’t stand alone well at all. I don’t know why these people are hiding zombies (it’s illegal, for obvious reasons), let alone having them fight in cage/pit matches like rabid dogs. They make money if their zombie wins, yes, but the titular character of REVILED is a father trying to save his daughter, and I’m not sure how he’ll save her if she’s deader than she is now. There are a couple of clear-cut “bad” guys here (though really everyone is an asshole, even the children) but I don’t know why everyone dislikes each other or why that one guy is super-slimy about zombie girl. Maybe this was covered in EPISODE 1? I wish I remembered because knowing would have made this better. And I *think* dad thinks there’s a cure somewhere? But I don’t know why he thinks that. Is it his last bit of hope/wishing upon a star? Has he heard rumours? I just don’t know.

So yes, just watching this episode alone, you will get to see: a) several zombie fights b) some really disturbing shit c) great gore and d) barely any dialogue/plot. That boils down to: watching zombies kick the shit out of each other, while the actual human beings act like deranged, feral beasts (I believe that’s part of the commentary here perhaps?). So if zombie fighting is what you’re looking for then REVILED: EPISODE 2 is THE short for you. It will not get any better than this. If you’re looking for plot, deep characterization, or anything beyond gross-out material, this is NOT the place for you, so move along.

Look, REVILED: EPISODE 2 is good as what it is, which is bloody gore and disgusting shit. If it’s intending to be more than that, however, it needs to try harder.

You can check out the entire series on the REVILED website, so have a look and leave us with your thoughts!