Ride Along (2012) – By Brian Morton

Crime stories are very hard to tell with a low budget. You need shooting, you need car crashes and you need action…something that you really need a bigger budget for. So, when you get an indie crime drama that’s good, it’s like finding a gold nugget in the lake bed…you want to shout it out! Well, I’m shouting about Ride Along, Larry Greene’s new movie, and here’s why:

Ezekiel Cross just got out of jail, he’s not sure why he’s getting out, but he’s not going to complain about it. Since Ezekiel is a renowned drug kingpin, his story is something that Hollywood is interested in, so action star/producer Norman Gage heads to Chicago to get Ezekiel’s story rights, and to do a ride along with Ezekiel to get a feel for his ‘character’. What Norman doesn’t count on is that, not only is Ezekiel looking for some revenge on his bosses, but his bosses think that Ezekiel’s usefulness has run out and want him out of the picture as well. This catches to the two, criminal and action star, in the crosshairs, now they have to fight their way to the bosses to end the game before Ezekiel’s wife’s life is forfeit!

Ride Along is an amazing little indie crime drama, striking just the right balance of drama and action, there are even a couple of car crashes, and, while their both done digitally (for obvious budgetary reasons), the camera doesn’t linger on them, and you get the idea of what happened, rather than a glorious explosion! Greene seems to know his strengths, as well as his weaknesses, and this movie shows that he knows how to make the best of both! I’m giving Ride Along 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s still a pretty good action movie. You can find out where you can ride along with Ride Along by heading over to http://www.indeptpicturesent.com.