Rise of the Scarecrows (2007) – By Brian Morton

 Micro budget movies can be a ton of fun; it’s always fun to see a story told by people who actually have a passion for telling it. It’s also fun to see the learning process right in front of you; each movie a director makes allows you to see his growth. Rise of the Scarecrows is one of those movies, it’s fun and it lets you check out the growth of budding filmmaker Gino McGahee. His first movie (which is included as an extra on his Evil Awakening DVD) was pretty rough, but everyone was clearly having (maybe too much) fun. The feature of Evil Awakening is also fun, with a touch more horror mixed in. Now, with Rise of the Scarecrows, Mr. McGahee steps closer to horror and further away from humor, and it’s a very good step.

The story revolves around a three friends on a road trip, when their car breaks down in a small town, they’re told that they’ll have to camp for the night and wait for the mechanic. Well, what they’re not told is that there’s an evil in the woods, scarecrows wander at night and kill anything that makes the mistake of being in their woods. Now, the story is a bit more complex than that, and I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you, but the connections are pretty clear from early on in the movie that there’s something more going on than meets the eye, and, in the end, all is revealed, so I’ll just say that small town always have their secrets and sometimes keeping them is more important than someone’s life!

Rise of the Scarecrows is a wonderful movie, it’s fun, it’s scary and you can see that Gino is making progress in his film making. Is it the perfect movie? Not by any means, I would love to see the gore appear a bit more realistic and some of the acting is a bit amateurish, but this is micro-budget territory here, so I’m willing to forgive some small things. I’m giving Rise of the Scarecrows three out of four cigars, because, while it’s not perfect, it may be the perfect example of micro-budget film making with a good story, good acting (mostly) and it’s all done with bubble gum and bailing wire, as the old saying goes. You can find out more about Rise of the Scarecrows by heading over to the X Posse Productions web site. It’s worth your time and money and we here at Rogue Cinema are going to be keeping our eye on the X Posse to see what they might have in store for us next.