Road Kill (aka Road Train) (2010) – By Brian Morton

Fangoria has a pretty cool concept going on, it’s called Fright Fest and it’s taking 8 cool indie horror movies, and letting us, the fans, vote on which one gets a theatrical release…while the others go straight to DVD (which, in my mind, isn’t all that bad either!).  Well, I’ve had the chance to check out one of these movies, it’s an Australian film called Road Kill (it’s Australian title is Road Train…but more about that in a minute).

2 couples are on a trip through the outback of Australia, camping and just enjoying each other, when on one afternoons travel a road train comes up from behind them.  In Australia, a ‘road train’, is basically an over-sized truck that moves things across the country, and this particular road train is huge and it isn’t stopping!  When the road train rams the couple’s car into a terrible accident the 4 people are left in the outback to rot…or so they think, it seems that the truck has stopped and is just waiting for them…but when the get to it, it’s empty!  The group decide to take the truck and get help for their injured friend, but the truck seems to have other ideas.  The friends quickly fall asleep and the truck drives them to an even more remote location, where they begin to fight amongst themselves.  It’s as if the truck itself is having an effect on them!

Road Kill is part Duel and part Christine, the truck itself is a major character in the movie and has a hood ornament that sort of gives away the nature of the beast.  But, it’s not a perfect movie, it does drag in spots and that ornament gives away the nature of the truck pretty quickly.  But, don’t think I’m down on this movie, while it might be a bit too long, the ending bring everything full circle and pays off in a way that I didn’t think was possible from the rest of the movie!  I’m givng Road Train 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars.  If you’re patient this movie will pay off!  You can watch the trailer and vote for Road Kill over at