Road Less Traveled (2005) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes a vampire movie is just a vampire movie, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If it’s done well, a good vampire movie can be just what the Bad Movie Guy ordered. But then there’s that vampire movie that looks like a vampire movie but is actually just a bit more. That’s the case with Road Less Traveled.

Road Less Traveled is the story of Damian Locke, a vampire who’s tired of being a vampire. In current PC speak, he’d probably be called a ‘self hating vampire’. You see, Locke is a progenitor, a vampire who’s capable of creating other vampires, but he’s also a vampire with a conscience. Locke’s people are dying out and it’s his duty to create new vampires, but he’s having a problem creating monsters to run loose among humans. And that’s not Locke’s only problem. There’s the fact that his mentor and creator is getting old and weak and his archrival had been appointed leader in his absence. And, it seems that a rogue government agency is capturing vampires to experiment on them in order to create super-soldiers. Damian is caught at a crossroads, both for himself and for his species.

Road Less Traveled is one of those rare vampire movies, that’s about more than blood sucking and killing, it’s the story of Locke’s struggle with who he is and choosing who he will become. The acting here is solid overall and the story is top-notch, in fact, I found myself wishing it was just a bit longer and a little bit more detailed, but isn’t that the first rule of entertainment? Always leave them wanting more?

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a perfect movie, the fight scenes leave a little something to be desired, especially the early interrogation scene. But as the movie goes on, they get better. And the use of computer effects is superb for an independent movie! Road Less Traveled runs a short 45 minutes, and that’s perfect. By the time Damien Locke has chosen his road, you’re going to want to know what happens next.

So, if you’re looking for a vampire movie with a difference, then Road Less Traveled is for you. Drop on over to for more info or to pick up a copy of Road Less Traveled for yourself, I recommend that you do so…NOW! So, until the next time when I discover that my road less traveled is apparently a road that leads to great wealth…just my luck. And remember, the best movies are bad movies!