Naiia Lajoie – April 2012

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – April 2012

Naiia Lajoie

All about Naiia:

Name: Naiia Lajoie

Age: 25

Location: Montreal, QC

Some of my favorite things: From all things geeky (comic books, sci-fi, & video games) to all things extreme (bungee jumping, skydiving, & traveling at least once a year).

Most people would be surprised to know that I: was struck by lightning at age 12. Happened on my end-of-the-year 6th grade field trip. No super powers though, just hospitalized for 2 days and have had low blood pressure ever since. Totally overrated.

Hobbies / special skills: Definitely have an affinity for all things artsy like acting, singing, dancing, modeling, etc. but also just enjoy the simpler things like reading. I also really dig archery.

Number of years acting / modeling: I’ve been acting since 8th grade, studied it throughout university (B.A. Drama Hons, minor in Film Studies), and landed my first professional role in 2009. Modeling I began in 2007 with my first shoot being for a Molson Ex calendar shot in Cuba. Yup, pretty lucky!

Favorite genre(s) and or film(s): My top 3 movie genres would be sci-fi, film noir, and horror – though in terms of sub-genres I’d definitely say zombie flicks. It’s my biggest irrational fear; I literally have a zombie apocalypse nightmare once a month.

Acting / modeling gigs that I’m the most proud of: Hard to say! I’ve grown pretty attached to all of my roles (from a dildo-selling drug dealer to a coked-out murderous lesbian – geez, hope I’m not type casted…) but the modeling gig I’m most proud of was my first 2-page spread in Montreal Home Magazine.

What I look for in a potential acting or modeling job: Although compensation & exposure are pretty high up there, I’d say experience. I always look for a challenge. Something that’ll push me out of my comfort zone so that rather than say “I don’t do that” I’m more like “Oh, I haven’t done that yet”.

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Casting contact:
For union-productions, EPIC Talent at For indie-films, Naiia Lajoie at

“Society dictates I can’t be both; a feminine model that acts, sings, dances, seduces men at the drop of a hat, and a tomboyish dork that loves all things geeky; comics, video games, sci-fi, etc. Throw in cat-lover/owner, and you pretty much have a social tri-chotemy that brands me a freak of nature”

– Naiia Lajoie (for full bio please visit!)

Photography Credits:
SeaGee Photography & Emilie Cyr MUA, Pasquale Stalteri, Purplest, Ray Lavers & Howie Pun, Vincent Patrick Chang

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