Tiffany Apan – August 2011

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – August 2011

Tiffany Apan

All about Tiffany:


Award winning Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Actress/Artist/Model/Dancer/Writer, Tiffany Apan has always been one to keep herself quite busy. Since the 2008 release of her debut full length album, “Poet,” she toured various parts (from 2008-2009 with a few dates in 2010) of the east coast and midwest in support of the album. In doing that, she managed to also obtain a role in the Eerie Frequency Entertainment/Sound Video Productions feature, THE GIRL also starring Lisa Neeld, Debbie Rochon, Ari Lehman, Robert Z’Dar, Kayla Perkins and directed by Travis Bowen. THE GIRL celebrated it’s red carpet premiere at the Cedar Lee Theater in Cleveland, OH appropriately on Halloween night of 2010. In addition to portraying the role of artsy/goth girl, Kara in the film, Tiffany also has two songs off of “Poet” on the film’s soundtrack. THE GIRL is set for retail distribution on September 13, 2011 through Picturedactyl Distribution, LLC.

Another film hitting the distribution circuit this fall is the World Parody Productions feature, SLASHERS GONE WILD also starring Robyn Griggs and directed by Rob Avery. SLASHERS had performed well at a variety of film festivals throughout the USA even garnering a couple awards. The film has also been seen on Netflix. Tiffany portrays intern, Jessica Peters attempting to solve the mystery behind Rob the Slasher…and things don’t quite work out…SLASHERS will receive DVD distribution via Maxim Media International in October of 2011. Other film credits include the role of Wanda in the Eerie Frequency Entertainment short, DOLL NAZIS MUST DIE (currently screening at a few festivals and viewable online), Herself in INTO THE PIT: THE SHOCKING STORY BEHIND DEADPIT.COM (currently screening at several film festivals in the USA and Sydney, Australia with a current limited edition DVD release), and Christina in the Silver Bullet Pictures feature, “Heavy Mental.”

On the music front Tiffany has released one full length album (2008’s “Poet”), three eps (2007’s “Porcelain Doll” and “Ghost” and 2011’s “Heart Song: The Living Room Sessions EP”) and four singles (2010’s “Lost Little Girl” and “Greensleeves,” and 2011’s “Three Pale Queens-Acoustic Version” and “Scarborough Fair-Acoustic Version”). The music on her releases has also been selected for film and video projects including PASTIntel Paranormal Research Team, the feature length film THE GIRL, the Key Productions crime drama feature FORESEEN (currently viewable online), and the Ghost Walk Productions supernatural thriller, THE FARM (in production). She has released four music videos featuring her music to date winning first place in the Open Music Video Category at the 2010 Indie Gathering. Her single, “Lost Little Girl” was also an American Finalist in the 2009 Best New Song in the World Contest (a songwriting contest powered by fan votes).

Tiffany also has an extensive background in theater having (in the past) portrayed principle roles in productions such as Fiddler on the Roof, Lovers and Other Strangers, and Whispers Want to Holler. She recently managed to work theater back into her schedule this year winning the roles of Sally in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and Muzzy van Hossmere in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Both roles demonstrated Tiffany’s ability to hold her own as a character actress (the latter also requiring her to wear some aging makeup). Millie also presented her with the opportunity to put her tap dance training to use once again.

In addition to the DVD releases of THE GIRL, SLASHERS GONE WILD, and INTO THE PIT, Tiffany has also added a few tour dates (concerts and appearances) to her schedule. She is also working on the second Living Room Sessions EP (check out live video footage of these sessions on her YouTube Channel) and her second full length album with prog rock musician and producer, Rowen Poole of Persephone’s Dream fame. Look for a music video featuring the song, “Ghost (Persephone’s NetherRealm Remix)” that will not only promote the song, but will also serve as a promotional tool for the supernatural thriller, THE FARM in which the song is used. Tiffany was also cast in the new Eerie Frequency feature film, HOLLOW EARTH, an apocalyptic thriller starring Sierra Holmes set to begin filming in late 2011. She is also in the zDiet3 Productions docu-drama, RESOLUTION: A PORTRAIT OF AMELIA EARHART currently in post production. August 2011 will also bring the release of her first poetry book titled “Jagged Scars Poetry Project.”


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