Rachel Grubb – February 2009

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – February 2009

Rachel Grubb

All About Rachel:

Name: Rachel Grubb

Age: 32

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Some of my favorite things: Dark Knight, anything Batman related, Battle Royale, Bettie Page, The Monkees, sushi, Halloween costumes cute enough to be worn every day.

Most people would be surprised to know that I: one won second place in a Banana eating contest hosted by Ron Jeremy. I went to see him at the Triple Rock, and I got invited back stage to hang out with him. All the girls got up on stage and ate one banana each. We were judged on quality not quantity.

Hobbies / special skills: I have a BA in English and a background in writing. I won an award for my first feature length screenplay. I am currently in post-production for Why Am I in a Box? which I wrote, directed, and play the lead role in. I also write a column for The Chainsaw Mafia.

Number of years acting / modeling: Three

Favorite genre(s) and or film(s): I love doing horror, but lately I’ve been excited about moving outside of horror. I like doing drama. I did a movie over the summer called One Way Ticket about an arranged marriage couple from West Africa. I played Angeline, the American girlfriend of the male lead.

Acting / modeling gigs that I’m the most proud of: I recently portrayed Edna St Vincent Millay in a short film called The Straw Man. It was a challenge to play her because she was very animated and I usually give more subtle performances. I love stretching myself as an actor, and finding new challenges.

Another performance I am very proud of is Rhonda in a short film I did called Perversions. Rhonda was not an easy character to play. She is an alcoholic who stops eating and requires a feeding tube to keep her alive, but then she uses the feeding tube to pump alcohol directly into her stomach. And she quite literally gets off on other people’s misery. It was such a great experience to find her in that dark place and see where she became who she is.

What I look for in a potential acting or modeling job: I like to find roles that are unlike any that I have played before. I love it when a director sees something in me that other people might not see right away, and cast me in an unusual role. I like strange characters, characters that can be unpleasant. I like roles where I can take a lot of risks and see where it leads. When I read a script and say, “I don’t know if I can do that,” that’s what I know I probably should. When it requires me to step outside my comfort zone and do something new, I know I’m making progress.

For modeling, I love doing pinup, but I also like darker themes. I do a lot of horror shoots. Just like with acting, I like to explore themes I haven’t tried before. I like anything that will show a new side to my personality. Tearsheets are always good, too.

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Casting contact:
Rachel Grubb

Rachel Grubb appeared as Amy in St Euphoria Pictures’ The Monster Of Phantom Lake. Since then she has acted in numerous independent feature films such as UNHOLY REUNION, TALES OF THE DEAD, and CAVE WOMEN ON MARS. She played a creepy ghost in Dav Kaufman’s 13 HOURS IN A WAREHOUSE, and she played the lead role in JP Wenner’s RETINA, which appeared on THE HORROR VAULT DVD. She recently finished directing her first feature film WHY AM I IN A BOX? from Silent-But-Deadly Productions, the non-profit all female production company she runs with her friend Brooke Lemke. Rachel has been an in-studio guest on Maxim Radio’s "Hotties Of Horror" week, and writes a monthly Scream Queen column for The Chainsaw Mafia.

Photography Credits:
Joshua Lemon

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