Karen Overstreet – February 2014

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – February 2014

Karen Overstreet

All about Karen:

Name: Karen Overstreet

Age: Does it matter? 😉

Location: Oldest city in the US- Saint Augustine, FL

Some of my favorite things: Formula 1, classic film, science, used bookstores.

Most people would be surprised to know that I: I have a master’s degree in biology with a background in ecology and molecular biology. I am proud to be a geek!

Hobbies / special skills: Yoga, fly fishing (I actually caught a trout on a fly I designed and tied), oh, and I can wiggle my ears.

Number of years acting / modeling: Since I was about 9.

Favorite genre(s) and or film(s): Anything older than me, film noir, sci-fi & James Bond.

Acting / modeling gigs that I’m the most proud of: So far- On stage: Playing the role of Bananas in “The House of Blue Leaves”. Bananas is crazy, yet serves as the voice of reason in the show. On film: my role in the short film “Solo”. I had to have a complete emotional breakdown for one scene.

What I look for in a potential acting or modeling job: A challenge!

My websites:




Twitter: @karenkoactor

Casting contact:
Karen Overstreet

Bio: I grew up in northwest Ohio and kept moving farther south until it quit snowing. I’m not a fan of winter weather. I have I have been acting on stage and film for most of my life and am sure the addiction will not be going away anytime soon. Always looking for the next cool project!

Photography Credits: Matt Simons, Il Enzo, Dale Metz

***Note: The photos on this page have been color adjusted and cleaned of grain and artifacts by the Rogue Cinema editor.

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