Brooke Lewis – July 2010

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – July 2010

Brooke Lewis

All About Brooke:

Name: Brooke Lewis

Age: Whatever you want me to be 😉

Location: La La Land 🙂

Some of my favorite things: Acting; Movies; Spiritual books; Astrology; American Idol; Wine tasting; Green Tea; Red Velvet Cake; Being in love…

Most people would be surprised to know that I: People always seem surprised to know that I am single and cannot find a good man! 🙂

Hobbies / special skills: What’s a hobby? All I do is work! Acting and producing…acting and producing…acting and producing…you get it! 😉

Number of years acting / modeling: Professionally, since college.

Favorite genre(s) and or film(s): Romance; Horror; Mobster movies; Dark comedies.

Acting / modeling gigs that I’m the most proud of: Too many! I am proud that I and the filmmakers I work with are blessed to do what we love! I will say that my favorite gigs have been working on TV and, of course, my passion project, Ms. Vampy in Vamp It Out.

What I look for in a potential acting or modeling job: A strong script; powerful female roles; a respectful filmmaking team; to be inspired…

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Brooke Lewis

A native of Philadelphia, the vivacious and versatile Brooke Lewis has made an impact as both an actress and producer.

Brooke relocated to New York, where she began her professional career. Her first major taste of the limelight came from Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding – the Off-Broadway hit comedy- in which she played the "prima donna" bridesmaid Donna Marsala. Brooke soon signed with Tazmania/Metropolitan Records and released the freestyle song "Get Me Off Your Mind".

Brooke would also find success on-screen, appearing in The Rules (For Men), A Packing Suburbia, Fare Well Miss Fortune, and Pride & Loyalty.

She headed west – to Hollywood. There, she would create Philly Chick Pictures, an endeavor designed to increase opportunities in front of the camera, as well as behind it.

Since making the move, Brooke has had roles in, or on, several projects, including, Quintuplets, Mafiosa, Break, Gerald, Dahmer Vs. Gacy and Double Tap. She recently starred opposite Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) in the indie TV pilot/web series Life’s A Butch. Some of this firecracker’s impressive producing credits include: Circuit Riders (actress/producer), Broken Angel (co-producer), Kinky Killers (actress/co-executive producer) and iMurders (actress/executive producer). Among projects still in production, or yet to be released, are The Drum Beats Twice (actress/executive producer), The Sinatra Club (actress/producer) and Slime City Massacre (actress/associate producer). In March of 2009, Brooke launched the Ms. Vampy TV/talk show/web series, in which she starred, produced and directed! She was honored by as SCREAM QUEEN OF THE MONTH November 2008!!! SCARS MAGAZINE honored her with the centerfold and interview in March 2009 and she graced the October 2009 Cover of SCARS with iMURDERS Co-star Tony Todd. Last Doorway Productions chose her as the first ever BLEEDING BEAUTY OF THE MONTH August 2009 and she was chosen SINISTER GIRL of 2009 by SinisterSpace. Spreading out to SciFi, she is SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s SLICE OF SCIFI’s SLICE QUEEN. As if she is not busy enough, Brooke strongly believes in charity work and was chosen HOT HUNKS OF HORROR HOTTIE 2009. The amazing “hunky horror” calendar benefits the Lynn Sage Foundation for Breast Cancer Research and Brooke promoted this cause throughout the year. She is also an award sponsor for the favorite horror film festival Shriekfest. Brooke is a proud member of Women In Film and Film Independent. And, during football season (when she finally decides to take a break from working!), you will always find her at a sports bar cheering for the Philadelphia EAGLES!

Photography Credits: Roger A. Scheck

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