Annie Bond – June 2014

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – June 2014

Annie Bond

All about Annie:

Name: Annie Bond

Age: 25

Location: West Hollywood, California

Some of my favorite things: Old Steve Martin movies, string cheese, music, the 5 dogs and 1 blind cat whom I live with, and laughing is wonderful as well!

Most people would be surprised to know that I: Grew up on a chicken farm in small town Texas. And yes, my dad’s first name is James.

Hobbies / special skills: I make jewelry from feathers from our multiple family farms. I am currently learning how to play the mandolin.

Number of years acting / modeling: I’ve been acting since I was 6 years old, started with Shakespeare, evolved into Comedy.

Favorite genre(s) and or film(s): “Hook” is my absolute favorite movie. Then- “The Jerk”, “Homeward Bound”, and “O Brother Where Art Thou”.

Acting / modeling gigs that I’m the most proud of: I recently wrote a play overnight with my improv group, “Comedy Bandits”, and it is now being produced by Fringe Theatre Company here in LA!

What I look for in a potential acting or modeling job: Something that immediately intrigues me, whether it’s the story or the character or the overall message. Especially character though! Characters are my favorite.

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Annie Bond was born on a chicken farm in a small town in central Texas. She began doing Shakespeare at the age of 6, and it was in understanding his incredible humor that she first fell in love with comedy. She went on to study acting at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX and received her Bachelor of Arts in Acting with a performance emphasis in 2011.

After graduating, she enrolled at The Institution Theatre in Austin, TX. There, she studied improv and stand-up comedy under their wonderful direction for 2 years. This beautiful place gave her the courage to pack up her entire life into the back of her tiny car and move out to Los Angeles to pursue a career..

Since arriving, Annie has thrived and cried in the world of improv and stand-up comedy. She is a founding member and performer in the improv group “Comedy Bandits”, under the direction of Paul Storiale. She is currently a student at The Groudlings School. Annie can be seen performing stand-up comedy and trying out new dance moves at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. She has also performed with the LA Connection theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Annie is also in the process of writing and producing a series of sketches and life stories with her friends at DogBar Productions.

She will happily teach you how to do the macarena to any song.

Photography Credits:  Kim Makuta, Robert Waldman

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