Michelle Tomlinson – May 2010

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – May 2010

Michelle Tomlinson

All About Michelle:

Name: Michelle Tomlinson

Age: Negatory!

Location: Los Angeles

Some of my favorite things: Animals, Nature, Hiking, Writing Poetry…

Most people would be surprised to know that I: Am a very shy extrovert. Yes, I realize how that came out. But it’s true!

Hobbies / special skills: Yoga, Kickboxing, Juggling, Acting Coach, Producer, Crazy Tongue Folding… 😉

Number of years acting / modeling: 8-ish

Favorite genre(s) and or film(s): Although my all time favorite genres are Action and Horror, I also love Films like WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and PEACEFUL WARRIOR.

Acting / modeling gigs that I’m the most proud of: I’m very proud and humbled at the same time of almost everything I’ve been involved in. Every role has it’s challenges and that’s part of what I love about acting.

What I look for in a potential acting or modeling job: Integrity and organization followed by how well a script is written.

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Casting contact:

Donned Scream Queen of the Month (Nov. 2009) and the recipient of the 2007 Shriekfest Film Festival’s “Pretty/Scary One to Watch” award, Michelle Tomlinson is receiving rave reviews in four separate feature films currently captivating audiences throughout the film festival circuit.

Tomlinson earned the Pretty/Scary Award for her work in The Cellar Door, a horror and psychological thriller that is earning its own recognition for improving upon the girl-trapped-by-a-serial killer storyline. The award is sponsored by the online magazine Pretty/Scary: For and By Women in Horror which called Tomlinson’s performance, “groundbreaking.” Scream TV said, “Ms. Tomlinson is fascinating to watch in this role … (her) strong performance as (the heroine) Rudy is one of the most exciting in recent memory.”  A sequel to The Cellar Door is slated for production in 2010.

Tomlinson also stars in the Kevin Tenney (Witchboard) directed, humorous, high-concept horror film Brain Dead. Brain Dead was honored with the "Best B-Movie" award at the ShockerFest Film Festival, and has picked up nominations and awards for visual effects, makeup, screenplay, and best horror feature at over a dozen film festivals.  The Film just finished a Theatrcial Release and is being released on DVD.  George’s Intervention, a tongue-in-cheek Horror Comedy Feature directed by JT Seaton is also making the Festival Rounds with 11+ Film Festivals.

Tomlinson’s acting abilities span far beyond just the horror genre. She also currently stars in the Indie drama Indelible, which has received several Awards on the Festival Circuit and just wrapped shooting two Features back to back.  (Second Class Citizens playing a white supremacist and …Xtra Man playing a fluffy and vapid ex-stripper!)

Tomlinson has also played key roles in several Pilots that are making the rounds with Networks: not to mention a brief role in TV’s Worst Week.

In her approach to her craft, Tomlinson exhibits the kind of discipline and creativity one might expect from the child of a Marine and an Artist. While festivals feature the work of scores of actors, rarely does a performer enjoy four feature films (playing diverse characters) circulating the festivals at the same time.

Photography Credits:
Amy Lyndon and Russell B. McKenzie

***Note: The photos on this page have been color adjusted and cleaned of grain and artifacts by the Rogue Cinema editor.

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