Tiffany Apan – November 2009

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – November 2009

Tiffany Apan

All About Tiffany:

Name: Tiffany Apan

Age: 29 – Age should be celebrated not hidden. Hey, if it hasn’t stopped me from still being cast as 10 years younger, then why hide? Plus I think if you take care of yourself, that’s all the more reason to stand tall and be proud.

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Some of my favorite things: Sitting inside on a rainy day reading a book or books, old Hollywood (back when Hollywood still had some magic, class, and style to it…now most of it is just trash), the Mid-Atlantic accent frequently used in old Hollywood films, animals, animal charities, working out, yoga, pilates, organic food, tea, bubble tea, super dark chocolate, coffeehouses, computers (when they are working properly…otherwise I want to hurl them through the window), music, writing, ballet, traveling, touring, Thai food, studying ancient tribes and cultures, astronomy, opera, art, painting, sketching, The Twilight Zone (Rod Serling is the man!) old school Nickelodeon shows, old school Disney animated movies, old school Nintendo (yay for Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda!)

Most people would be surprised to know that I: Hmmm…I’m pretty open and candid about myself so I don’t think there is anything really new that I haven’t said yet. But I’ll throw in that I do love the show “Murder She Wrote.”

Hobbies / special skills: Singing, writing music, writing poetry and short stories, writing lyrics, playing the piano and guitar, cooking, acting (stage and film), dance (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, Middle Eastern/bellydance), swimming, listening to all different types of music, reading, beauty products (come on, what girl doesn’t love beauty products), hiking and running.

Number of years acting / modeling: I’ve been stage acting since I was about 12 (but I’ve been dancing since I was 3). I started doing some film when I turned 20. As for modeling, it’s sort of off and on whenever I have projects coming out that need promotion (that I think I began at age 20 as well). I’ll also be doing photo shoots for a couple of my favorite animal charities.

Favorite genre(s) and or film(s): I love all sorts of films. Some of my favorites are the classic films from Hollywood back in the day. I also LOVE Alfred Hitchcock: “The Birds,” “Vertigo,” “Psycho.” I love the ‘who-done-it’ mysteries (hence the “Murder She Wrote” reference above). I love “Midnight Lace” with Doris Day and “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.” I do like some movie musicals and pretty much any film Lon Chaney and Vincent Price are in. I’m actually not a big fan of slasher movies. There are a couple I do enjoy like John Carpenter’s “Halloween” and Hitchcock’s “Psycho” but for the most part, I’m into psychological thrillers, science fiction, and things that have to do with the supernatural and folklore. Although I will say give me the most campy, predictable slasher film over a chick flick any day. I absolutely abhor chick flicks! I can tell you that every boyfriend I’ve ever had up to my current one has always been relieved that because of my utter refusal to watch those movies, I would never force them to sit through any. Nor would I ever drag them into girlie stores with me and make them stand around holding my purse while I spent hours in the fitting room trying on one thing after another. I love shopping as much as the next girl, but those poor guys always look so miserable!

Acting / modeling gigs that I’m the most proud of: I’m very proud to have been cast as one of two Free-Style Jazz Singers in the world premiere of Marta Effinger’s play “Whispers Want to Holler.” Marta Effinger is a brilliant writer and the entire cast and crew was just unbelievably talented. The role also allowed me to really stretch because up until that time, I had been a classical singer with strict operatic/classical training. Obviously, opera and free-style jazz are two completely different animals for a vocalist. Billy Harper (the internationally acclaimed jazz musician who had written music for the production) sat down and worked with me on free style singing which is an honor. I think in many ways that experience opened the doors for the music I’m doing now. Plus all of the roles in the play were challenging roles that we all got to sink our teeth into. As for film, I was glad to be a part of “Slashers Gone Wild” (starring Robyn Griggs). It has been getting an awesome response everywhere including on Internet Movie Database, it won an award at The 2006 Indie Gathering, and it is a well done film with a twisted plot. I’m also proud to be part of the film “The Girl” which is currently in production and stars Ari Lehman (Young Jason Voorhees in “Friday the 13th”), Robert Z’Dar (“Manic Cop”), Kayla Perkins (Hell-ephone,” “Mountain Mafia”), and Lisa Neeld (Playboy Model) among others. The cast is very diverse and it does have an interesting twist which of course I won’t reveal nowJ I was also interviewed for the documentary “Into the Pit: The Shocking Story Behind Deadpit Radio” where I’m interviewed with Tony Moran, PJ Soles, Dee Snider, and of course, the guys from Deadpit Radio! I also like the short “Doll Nazis Must Die” since it shows more of my comedic side. “Doll Nazis” is being shown at film festivals and can also be watched online. I’m also proud of the fact that I write and co-direct the majority of my music videos. Two of my music videos are released (“Run Away and Hide” and “Ashes to Dust”), one is in editing, and two more are in pre-production. And even though this isn’t a modeling credit per se, I was given the title Featured Band of the Month by the Long Haired Hawt Ladies website for August of 2009. It was also an honor to be featured in the British music magazine, ‘Fireworks Magazine’ as they interview and feature acts such as Queensryche and Sebastian Bach.

What I look for in a potential acting or modeling job: Many things. I do not take everything that is offered to me. Does the storyline interest me? What’s the character like? What is the quality of the script? What are the plans for promoting the film and getting it out to the general public once it is completed? Who’s making the film and what is their track record? Is my BS radar going off in any way? Are they cool with the fact that I don’t do nudity? Is the film by a legitimate filmmaker or does it appear to be merely a tactic to try and ‘pick up hot chicks’ (which goes with my BS radar)? The list goes on. I know this seems like a lot of questions, I’ve seen so many people get screwed in this industry simply for not doing their homework and checking things out. I’ve had a few bad experiences where people weren’t who they claimed to be or the script seemed to ‘change’ on a daily basis and/or the filmmaker wasn’t up front with me about the script (and sometimes there wasn’t even a script and I’m not talking about an improvisational piece…just plain disorganization) and I had to find things out through a third party. So many young girls go into the entertainment industry very blindly and sometimes end up in rather harrowing situations where they are scarred for a long time or permanently. I cannot stress this enough: Do your research and homework! Ask questions. Most people who are legit won’t mind and will understand. This will save you a lot of headaches and possible anguish down the road.

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Tiffany Apan

Bio: Tiffany Apan is a singer/songwriter/actress/dancer/model/writer who resides in Pennsylvania in the United States. She began taking dance classes at age 3 and studied ballet, tap, and jazz with Kathy Burke, a niece of the legendary Gene Kelly. She later took up modern, Middle Eastern, and hip hop dance when she entered college. From age 12, she studied voice (with opera veteran Eileen Hannisch), acting, and classical piano through Wilkes Community Conservatory and later studied musical theatre at Carnegie Mellon University, Seton Hill University, and Slippery Rock University. She studied acting with the likes of Rick Kemp and Jeff Monahan. Her training allowed her to land roles on both the stage and in film. Some of her stage credits include Hodel in “Fiddler on the Roof,” Charlotte in “Falsettos,” Brenda in “Lovers and Other Strangers” and Free Style Jazz Singer with the Kuntu Repretory Theatre’s world premiere of Marta Effinger’s “Whispers Want to Holler.” In film, she portrayed Janet Cavatelli in the Troma released “Meat for Satan’s Ice Box,” Jessica Peters in “Slashers Gone Wild” (also starring Robyn Griggs), and Wanda in the sci-fi/horror satire short “Doll Nazis Must Die.” She had cameo roles as a news reporter in “Heavy Mental” (Silver Bullet Pictures) and Young Woman in the upcoming “Dead of Winter” (Recluse Pictures). She also has the role of Kara in “The Girl” starring Ari Lehman, Kayla Perkins, Robert Z’Dar, and Lisa Neeld (Eerie Frequency Entertainment) and a part in a new gothic thriller with Doom and Gloom Productions. Tiffany released two EPs titled “Porcelain Doll” and “Ghost” in 2007 and her debut album “Poet” in 2008. She toured throughout the east coast and Midwest performing and appearing in art galleries, acoustic venues, rock n roll clubs, and festivals/conventions/trade shows such as Dark Xmas (Niles, OH) and Monster Mania (Cherry Hill, NJ). Her EPs and album have collectively garnered physical CD and digital download sales and radio airplay in the US, Europe, South America, Canada, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Songs from the album have appeared on up to six compilation CDs to date ranging from Gothic to Progressive Rock releases. “Poet” has sold out on more than one occasion on CDBaby and Femme Metal Webstore. Tiffany has also released three music videos from “Poet” for the songs “Ashes to Dust,” “Run Away and Hide,” and “Scarborough Fair.” The three videos are in rotation on several television and internet music video programs. Tiffany is writing and co directing 3 more music videos for “Poet” in addition to working on her second album. You will also be able to catch her songs on some upcoming films like “Dead of Winter” and “The Girl.” In 2008, Tiffany founded Poets Labyrinth Productions with partner, Jason English. In 2009, the Poets Labyrinth record label was born. Tiffany is also currently writing a screenplay which she also plans to act in and direct. Also a visual artist, she has had two oil pastels put into art galleries.

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Andrew Dantzler, R. Kemry

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