Lisa Pechmiller – October 2008

Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl – October 2008

Lisa Pechmiller

All About Lisa:

Name: Lisa Pechmiller

Age: 31

Location: N.E. Minneapolis, MN

Some of my favorite things: Sushi, Wine, Margaritas, Mexican food, Movies, Light Rainy Days, Canoing, Campfires, Star Gazing.

Most people would be surprised to know that I: Grew up on a farm.

Hobbies / special skills: I can sing and dance if the role requires it. I am getting better at catching fish, canoeing.

Number of years acting / modeling: Since fifth grade when I starred in The Wizard of Oz.

Favorite genre(s) and or film(s): Romantic Comedy, Drama, Horror Comedy

Acting / modeling gigs that I’m the most proud of: I would have to say the film, "The Telephone Game," just because it was challenging having to improvise, sing and dance, and my role in high school as the Good Witch, because it is one of my favorite characters.

What I look for in a potential acting or modeling job: Fun! It’s gotta be fun!

My websites:

Model Mayhem Page:



Casting contact:
Lisa Pechmiller

I have been acting in local film productions, any Hollywood films that are shooting here in Minneapolis, music videos, commercials, and some modeling gigs. I really enjoy being apart of creative works, and working to make something that not only I love myself but others appreciate too.

Photography Credits:
Javier Ovalles, Joshua Lemon

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