Roofies & Romance (2010) – By Katie Wynne

It’s a shame that the short film Roofies & Romance only lasts for 12 minutes because with an opening scene that involves spanking and a nasty sink, I was intrigued. The film offers you a taste of the life of a serial date rapist, bringing you to a club and allowing you to sit next to him in the booth and watch him work.

His prey is a young girl – nice enough it would seem – but unfortunately naive and unprepared for the smooth tactics of the stranger. The twist comes when the greasy prowler realizes that he isn’t the only one hunting for fresh meat.
It’s a quick little trip and all of the performances are natural enough to pull you into the action. I would complain about the cheesy lines the hopeful man feeds this girl, but it’s probably pretty close to the kind of tripe you’d hear down the street at your local watering hole. If you find yourself missing that kind of unwanted attention, then give Roofies & Romance a shot. It’s only 12 minutes, and it’s definitely less painful than listening to the beats of Kayne West while getting manhandled by sweaty goons – oh, and safer too.

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