Room for Rent (2010) – By Brian Morton

I have to hand it to Velvet Rhodes; she’s a very artistic lady who’s not afraid to follow her passions. In her latest web series, Room for Rent, Velvet plays a rich widow who’s afraid that she won’t make it on her last 2 million dollars and goes in search of a room mate.

It’s a relatively short episode, clocking in at less than 7 minutes long, but it’s got its moments…most of which involve Velvet herself. The story itself has potential, but it’s hard to see where the overall series is going. Is it going to be an endless quest for the perfect roommate, or is Velvet taking this in some other direction, it’s hard to tell with only one episode…I’ll be interested to see where the overall series goes.

I’m going to give the first episode 2 out of 4 cigars…even though I’m loathe to rate any series based on a first episode…so, it’s 2 plus cigars, pending further episodes to flesh out the story. You can check out the first episode for yourself…and keep your eyes peeled for more by heading over to