Rorschach (2015) – Jim Morazzini


A pair of skeptical paranormal investigators are called in to a house where the mother thinks some kind of entity is targeting her seven year old daughter, this is the footage they shot. Sounds like just about any “found footage” film out there doesn’t it? Well, thankfully it isn’t.

First and foremost while Rorschach does begin with a text introduction it does not tell us that this footage was all that was ever found of the researchers or any other kind of spoiler. I hate starting a film knowing everyone is going to die, this is my biggest problem with the found footage genre, it makes things anti-climactic. Going in like this and not knowing if I was getting found footage or a faux documentary made all the difference. And no, I’m not going to spoil it and say which genre it ended up falling into, see it yourself and find out.

Shot for about $7000.00, writer/director C.A. Smith has used his limited budget to it’s fullest setting almost all of the film in the house to save on location costs and finding a great cast of unknowns to give the film believable performances. Interestingly the only two characters with names bear the names of the actor/actress playing them, Ricky (Ricky Lee Barnes) and Jamy (Jamy Gillespie). Apart from being talented, the cast look like real people, we don’t have the ultra cute kid or impossibly hot single mom we have people who look like they live next door which makes it all the more convincing.

Obviously given the budget this is not a film full of effects, it’s a slow burn using sounds, things half seen in the background or subtle, small things like a shirt falling. Was it gravity or a ghostly hand? The film uses these kinds of incidents, (and a creepy doll) to keep building the suspense up until the end. Having a good imagination helps here, if your mind can run with what might be causing a sound or what you might have just seen you’ll get more scares than the viewer who has to be shown everything.

If you can deal with this kind of low budget and low key film you’ll love Rorschach. I generally like my films a bit less subtle and it still creeped me out good. And the best thing is, you can see it free, the director has put it up on YouTube for our enjoyment. It’s a damn good film and it’s free what are you waiting for? Go watch it!