Sadistic (2011) – By Brian Morton

It seems that the day of the slasher film are coming to an end…again. But, not without a last hurrah from our friend Larry Greene and his latest movie, Sadistic.

Sadistic is the story of Elizabeth, a girl who’s just trying to have a nice life. Our story opens when Elizabeth and her boyfriend are attacked by a mask wearing maniac! Now, about a year later, it seems that the killer is back and he’s after Elizabeth again…and anyone who gets in his way is in for some severe pain!

Ordinarily, a story like this might seem a bit over-done, but Greene manages to breathe a bit of life into this failing genre by adding in some new characters, there’s a professor who seems to be trying to make his fortune from Elizabeth’s misery and his class who are helping him. There’s the police who have already investigated these murders and Elizabeth herself who really has no idea why this maniac is after her…she’s not a witness or anyone special, just a normal girl who somehow has become a target for a psycho!

While Sadistic might, on paper, sound a bit like the Scream franchise, this is different. There’s a mystery here, but there’s no sly winking at the audience, Greene’s not setting out to tell us how clever he is with twists and turns, he’s just trying to make a maniac-in-a-mask seem believeable…and he manages it quite nicely! The story here is strictly slasher-genre gold, the acting is terrific and Greene’s use of digital effects is use sparingly and quite effectively!

I’m giving Sadistic 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a great little slasher movie that manages to keep you guessing until the end, and done fantastically on a low budget! Find out who’s behind the mask for yourself by heading over to