Salaryman Kintaro Vol. 3 (2002) – By Duane L. Martin

When ArtsmagicDVD sent me volume 1 of the Salaryman Kintaro anime
series, I thought it was one of the most brilliant things I had ever
seen in every sense of the word. That was then, and this is now. Has
that opinion changed? Not only no, but hell no.

Salaryman Kintaro vol. 3 picks up where vol. 2 left off. The evil
president of Yamato construction has been ousted as the majority of the
board of directors stood with the kindly chairman and founder of the
company over his evil subordinate. Now things have changed for the
better at the company, and Kintaro is no longer relegated to sitting
behind his desk all day sharpening pencils. He’s been sent to the sales
department to learn how to be a salesman. Once his training there is
completed, he’s sent to oversee a tunnel project that is two months
behind schedule and the deadline is coming up quickly. The problem?
Well it seems that the former president had a shady deal with the head
of the contracting company that was working on the tunnel. He never
came through with the money, so the guy and his crew stopped working
completely. Now it’s Kintaro’s job to make sure the project is
completed in time. Can he do it? You’ll have to watch and find out.

There’s nothing about this series that isn’t magnificent. The
characters are all incredibly well written, the stories are creative
and inspiring and you really get drawn into the story so much that
you’ll feel a sense of disappointment when it’s over because you want
to go on watching the next episode and the next and the next and just
keep on watching it like a soap opera. I guess in a sense, that’s kinda
what it is on some super cool Japanese anime level.

The greatest thing about this series is how inspiring Kintaro is. His
attitudes about everything are so honorable that just watching him
makes you want to follow his example and be a better, more honorable
person. That may sound strange, but the characters are so well written
that you almost forget you’re watching an anime sometimes.

What does the future hold for Kintaro? Only the future volumes will
tell that tale, and fortunately, ArtsmagicDVD is releasing them all, so
for now, I can look forward to what’s ahead. The sad time will be when
there are no more volumes and I’ll have nothing to look forward to
anymore. That will truly be a sad day.

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