Same Time Every Year (1981) – By Duane L. Martin

A group of lawyers goes off to their yearly convention, and while they’re gone, everyone has sex with anyone they can get their hands on.

Seriously, that’s it. That’s the whole story. This film, like Serena – An Adult Fairy Tale, also reviewed in this issue, is a classic porn film from 1981 where the scenes are only held together by the flimsiest of stories.

Where this film differs from Serena a bit is that it feels like more of an actual film, with different locations and a wide variety of scenes and sex acts. Both films were written, produced and directed by Fred J. Lincoln. The quality of this film compared to Serena is a distinct improvement in nearly every way, so at the very least, it was nice to see him progressing as a film maker. Everything from the sex to the actors to the actual filming of the sex acts was greatly improved, and there was a little more story to it as well.

One fun thing that makes this a film worth checking out, is that it has Ron Jeremy in it. He plays the driver who took the lawyers to their convention, but then had a couple of days off before he has to pick them up again, so he picks up this girl he finds jogging, and then she takes him to her friend’s house where they all proceed to have lots and lots of sex. Ron was young then, and he was thin and in good shape. Not the way modern folk typically think of him, because we’re all used to seeing the more iconic Ron Jeremy of today.

While I can’t recommend the film as an actual film, because there’s not enough actual story to it to qualify it as one, it is fun to watch for what it is, which is a great example of a classic adult film. Unbelievably tame by today’s standards of porn, this film seems almost innocent in it’s approach to sex by comparison. Oh they do a lot of the same stuff you see in today’s porn. They don’t do it as well, and aren’t anywhere near as hot as the adult film stars of today, but there’s something distinctly charming about that in its own way.

Obviously this film isn’t going to be for everyone. Only people who like and appreciate classic adult films will enjoy it, but for those that do, it’s worth checking out.

As with Serena, there aren’t any special features on this one. It’s just the film, and that’s it. If you’re like most people though, after you finish watching an adult film, you’ll probably be too sleepy for special features…if you know what I mean.

If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check out its page on the Synapse Films website here, and if you’d like to pick up a copy for yourself, you can get the DVD from Amazon, or from any of the other usual outlets.