Sarah’s Key (2010) – By Brian Morton

I think we can all agree that Nazi’s are bad…it really does go without saying. But what about the people who collaborated with them to save their lives? Yes, it’s a bit more ambiguous, but it’s fertile ground for both historians and writers. A new movie from Anchor Bay, Sarah’s Key, tells a tale of occupied France and how one family was destroyed and another was built on the horrors of war.

Sarah was just a child during the war, and her and her Jewish family were rounded up…not by the Nazi’s but by the French! It seems that Occupied France collaborated with the Nazis and helped round up Jews to send to the camps. Sarah manages to find a way to escape to try to find her brother. The story intertwines 1940s France with a current day journalist who’s doing a story about the troubled time in French history. Writer/director Gilles Paquet-Brenner manages to pull the two stories together beautifully and, in the end, you’ll find yourself moved by the story of both the journalist and the little girl who war devastated!

I can’t tell you too much more without ruining this amazing movie, but suffice it to say that this was a movie that I really wasn’t happy to see, but was very pleasantly surprised about. It’s a movie that will draw you in and have you both on the edge of your seat and crying at the same time. I’m giving Sarah’s Key 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a wonderfully crafted movie, the story is amazing and there’s just not a wrong note in any part of the movie! Do yourself a favor and grab a copy for yourself over at