Satan’s Black Wedding (1975) – By Brian Morton

Ah, the 70s, the days when a good old-fashioned Satanic worship movie was all the rage. Why? I’m really not sure, but if you want to see guys dressed in robes, waving wicked daggers around mostly naked virgins, then it’s the 70s you’ll be wanting!

The movie this time, Satan’s Black Wedding, is no exception. It’s the story of Mark, whose sister has just died under suspicious circumstances…well, suspicious to him. You see, Mark’s sister was researching a book about an old church that she used to play near when she suddenly, for no reason, committed suicide. Well, Mark knows that something isn’t right here, and he begins to investigate. What he eventually discovers is that his sister isn’t really dead, but undead and she’s being used by a weird priest to bring about the end of the world by mothering the Anti-Christ. And, the priest wants Mark too, to be the father!

Satan’s Black Wedding is classic 70s exploitation fare, it’s got everything, cheesy effects, sexual situations and gore, gore, gore! To check out Satan’s Black Wedding for yourself trot on over to Shock-O-Rama.Com. And until next we meet, remember that you can’t fight Satan worshippers, because they’re like cock roaches, once you start fighting them, they’re everywhere, and also remember, the best movies are bad movies!