Satellite of Love (2012) – By Brian Morton

They say that they heart wants what the heart wants, but what if they heart doesn’t know what it wants? That’s (sort of) the story behind the new movie from Will Moore, Satellite of Love.

Sam and Blake are best friends, and they’re both friends with Cat. Both men love Cat, but Sam is a free spirit, while Blake is somewhat more stable. When Blake and Cat get married, Sam can’t bring himself to attend the wedding, but soon decides that he needs to see his friends, not knowing that the feelings that he had for Cat will soon overwhelm him!

Moore has taken a tale of unrequited love, or maybe it’s unexplored love, in any case, it’s an interesting tale of decisions made and not made. While this isn’t an action packed story, it’s one that you’ll certainly identify with.

I’m giving Satellite of Love 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, but if you’re a romantic at heart, then you’ll feel for everyone in this triangle! Find out more by heading over to