Save the Green Planet (2003) – By Jason Patfield

 I have been a big fan of Asian horror and action films for a good while, however recently I have found myself watching more Asian comedies and it all started with a fun little flick called Save the Green Planet.
Save the Green Planet manages to roll comedy, science fiction, drama and horror in one big fist and deliveries it with a powerful uppercut.

The story follows Lee Byeong-gu, a paranoid underachiever who is a hero in his own mind. It begins with Lee looking over some voyeur shots of Kang, a powerful businessman in his high class uptown district; anyways Lee somehow has learned that Kang is a leader of an alien race who is determined to destroy the world. Suddenly we discover that Lee is unfortunately the only one who knows this and humanities only chance to Earth aka The Green Planet. After employing the help of his trusty sidekick and wonder pills (most likely speed or meth?) he cleverly kidnaps and holds Kang prisoner, that’s when the torture starts and yes I said torture. STGP delivers great torture scenes and action sequences; however the director does an excellent job in balancing all the elements which doesn’t sway it towards any classification and makes it a hard film to categorize.  

Overall STGP is a solid film, which progresses to a nice climax. I enjoyed this film on many levels…the production, editing, characters and sets were incredible and left me dumbfounded that this is director Jun-hwan Jeong debut film. Not unlike Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, STGP delivers an over the top storyline with a cast of characters which makes it enjoyable to watch but the best thing about this movie is it can appeal to most genres but is destine to be categorized as a cult classic.