Scared Topless (2015) – Jim Morazzini


With a title like Scared Topless there should be no doubt about what kind of a film you’re getting. Doubly so when it’s directed by Jim Wynorski, under his “Harold Blueberry” alias. So if you like naked women, soft core sex with a bit of plot and some witty dialogue, this is the film for you.

Filmed by Wynorski, (in two days), from a script by himself and producer David Zani it tells the tale of a group of psychic investigators researching strange goings on at a mansion that was the home of a pair of legendary, and doomed, lovers from the golden age of Hollywood. Yes there are ghosts, and they’re still horny after all these years. Much soft core shagging ensues.

The cast is stacked, (sorry couldn’t resist), with familiar faces and other body parts courtesy of of B movie regulars Jacqui Holland, Cindy Lucas and newcomer Jasmine Leo along with hardcore actresses Danica Dillon, (probably more famous for being holy roller Josh Duggar’s dirty secret) and Bridgette B. They’re certainly easy on the eyes and not entirely untalented as actresses. It helps that they have some funny lines as well. Indeed the script is a cut above the usual for the genre, you actually won’t feel the urge to fast forward between the sex scenes for once.

Filmed in a mansion that looks like something out of classic Hollywood, or maybe The Great Gatsby, the film has a look and production values that help gloss over its low budget and ultra short filming schedule. Cinematographer Masimo Serretti does a great job of making everything look like a much bigger budgeted shoot as well.

So, if this kind of film is your thing Scared Topless should definitely appeal to you. If you’re curious about them, this is a great place to start checking them out.

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