Schoolgirl Report #10 (1976) – By Duane L. Martin

For those who are unfamiliar with the Schoolgirl Report series of German sex films, essentially they’re films that consist of several stories that all revolve around a central theme or connecting story. The stories in the films, unlike in some other sex type films, are actually coherent and pretty well thought out and presented. The stories themselves range from more dramatic to flat out funny, and that range is often all mixed into the same film, as it is in this one.

The main theme of this particular installment in the series is morality and the laws and social pressures that dictate it. The main thread of the film is a teacher having a discussion with her all girl class about this topic, and as they talk about various aspects of it, that leads us from one story to the next. There are five stories, as follows…

Story 1: Suzanne has accused her teacher of getting her to come to his place for tutoring, but really had the alterior motive of getting her too drunk to resist so he could have sex with her. When he’s interrogated by a school administrator, the teacher insists he’s innocent, but things aren’t looking good for him, at least, not until a guy who wanted to go out with Suzanne, and who followed her when she went to the teacher’s place, comes forward and tells the truth about what really happened.

Story 2: Inga is a virgin, and all she wants to do is to experience good sex. After a series of disappointing encounters, she finally meets a guy who gives her a great sexual experience, but then it turns out that he’s abusive and cares nothing for her now that he’s had his way with her. He even brings in a couple of friends to have their way with her as well before she finally leaves and has to walk home, devastated. Along the way, she meets a man who’s actually a really good guy, and finally finds out what real love is and how being in love with the person you’re having sex with can make it a far more intense experience.

Story 3: Kathy promises to sleep with her boyfriend, who desperately wants to sleep with her, but only if he’ll sleep with her stepmother first. She hates her stepmother and thinks she’s taking advantage of her father, so she wants her boyfriend to lure her into a sexual affair, so she can take pictures of the two of them together, which she’ll show her father in order to break them up. Unfortunately for Kathy, things don’t turn out exactly like she planned.

Story 4: Sefi and her boyfriend Karli can’t seem to get any time alone together to have sex. She’s still a virgin, and her mother is very overprotective, constantly keeping track of every second of her day. When Karli is at work one day, his boss is reading The Exorcist, and tells him what a scary story it is. After reading it, Karli gets an idea. He tells Sefi to pretend to be possessed, and once she has everyone convinced she’s possessed, he’ll show up as a Rasputin like monk who can perform the exorcism, and once he’s in her room alone with her, performing the "exorcism", they can have wild sex right under the noses of Sefi’s family.

Story 5: Iris is having an affair with a wealthy business man named Walter, and is living a double life, both as a kept woman in her own apartment, and a doting daughter to her family that has no idea what’s going on. When Walter’s wife finds out about the affair however, she puts a stop to it, but Franz, Walter’s nephew, is ready and willing to take Walter’s place as Inga’s love interest, and she’s willing to have him, but only if he meets her rather uncouth family and can accept her, and them, warts and all.

This film, like all the rest of the series, is entertaining, and even quite fun at times. There is one major difference between this film and the others however. Story 4. Buy this film, just to get story 4 about Sefi and her boyfriend and the whole exorcist thing. Seriously, it’s one of the funniest things ever, and the girl who plays Sefi is really the one that makes it that way. She really goes all out. I mean, she’s doing all kinds of crazy faces, demanding people have sex with her, jumping around like a nut and she even does the peeing on the floor bit. When her boyfriend shows up at the pub where her father and uncle are drinking dressed as the monk, he really plays his part up as well. He walks in with a wig and a fake beard, dressed in black robes, really looking like some sort of a Rasputin wannabe, and he did this like deep, meaningful voice that really made him sound like some sort of a monk. I can’t tell you how much I laughed at this particular story, and just how hilarious it is. It’s so funny, I actually went back the next day and watched just this one story again.

If you’ve never seen one of the Schoolgirl Report films, start your collection with this one, just because of that one particular story. You won’t regret it. As for the rest of the film, it’s pretty much the standard fare you’d expect from one of these films. They’re actually pretty decent stories, and they’re well acted. The girls are very nice looking and the sex is passable. Remember, this is 1976, so you’re not getting full on porn. You don’t even get that with the Nikkatsu Japanese sex films, also released by Synapse.

As these are German films, they’re obviously in German. Fear not though, they have English subtitles. So for you German challenged individuals out there, you can read along in English. The nice part is, the stories are actually pretty good in all of the Schoolgirl Report films, so you’ll actually want to read along.

My recommendations for the other films in the series have been mild, but simply for the exorcist segment in this one, I’m giving it my whole hearted and enthusiastic recommendation. This is one you’ll want to add to your collection just so you can watch that part over and over again.

If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check out its page on the Synapse Films website here, and if you’d like to pick up a copy for yourself, you can get the DVD from Amazon, or from any of the other usual outlets.