Schoolgirl Report #8 (1974) – By Duane L. Martin

The title of this release might just lead you to believe that there’s a Schoolgirl Report #1-7 as well, and you’d be right. This however is the only one of the series I’ve seen and will be reviewing.

The Schoolgirl Report series is a collection of German softcore sex films that are designed to be entertaining rather than just going from one set of perky young tits to another. But is it? Well, to be honest…yeah, it kinda is.

The fact that this film was made in 1974 is a big part of what made it somewhat entertaining. Everyone has that 70’s look, and the girls all have the 70’s bodies, the 70’s hair, the 70’s clothes and the 70’s bushes between their legs. There’s more to this film than just T&A though. There are actual stories that are sort of done in segments within an overall story. It’s funny, because I’ve actually reviewed several movies like that this month. Anyway, one of the stories is about how a girl seduced their virgin apprentice at their nursery (or whatever it was). Another story had one girl three months pregnant and her lover following them on their school trip to the country so he could be near her. They wanted to get married, but the girl’s father, an uptight lawyer, wouldn’t hear of it…until her mother steps in and puts him in his place. Another story has two young nekkid girls out swimming at a lake when they’re accosted and chased around by a horny fisherman who’s probably in his fifties, only to be saved by two young nekkid guys they happened to run into who grabbed the fisherman and threw him in the lake. Then they all had sex while the fisherman floundered around. Another story has some schoolgirls getting a male friend of theirs to seduce their super hot but totally uptight, almost frigid teacher, and after he does, she becomes a whole new sexual being, in and out of the classroom. Another girl’s father works as an accountant for a brewery and she ends up having a very sexual affair with the owner. Yet another girl wants to sleep with a teacher and is rejected, only to find out that he’s sleeping with another student. She tries to screw him over and get him in trouble, but it turns out the girl he’s sleeping with is actually his wife, and it’s ok because they got married eight months ago and he doesn’t officially start teaching until the following school year, after she graduates.

See? It’s all go in Germany I guess. At least it was in the 70’s. Is it worth seeing though? Well, yeah, but this is one of those movies where you need to be in the mood for a movie like this. It’s got a sense of fun to it, and the sex scenes are decent, but this isn’t the kind of a film you’d pull out any old time to watch. It sort of strikes me as being something you’ll pull out when you’re bored and sitting around with your friends or your girlfriend and there’s nothing on television. To sum it up, yeah it’s fun, and worth checking out, but it’s not something you’d watch frequently I don’t think. There’s nothing that makes it special or sets it apart from other films of this type other than that it’s kind of silly and fun at times.

This release is from Synapse Films’ Impulse label, which releases these more sex focused films. It’s the original, uncut German language version of the film with newly translated English subtitles. The quality of the film looks quite good considering its 38 years old, and the coloration and film quality look quite typical for films of this era.

So check it out if you like these kinds of films. There’s some good fun to be had here, and lots of pretty girls. If you’re afraid of wild, nekkid titties though, you’ll probably want to skip this one. It’s not for the prudish types among you.

This DVD will be released on May 8, 2012. If you’d like to find out more about the release, you can check out its page on the Synapse Films website here.