Schoolgirl Report #9 (1975) – By Duane L. Martin

Two groups of drunken young people leave a party, fill up two cars, and then proceed to race those cars recklessly down the road. Suddenly, they both lose control. One rolls down a hill, while the other runs head on into a tree. What led to this? Well, the party they were coming from was actually a divorce party thrown for the couple from the first story in the film who were deeply in love, but then got married and found out that it just wasn’t the same anymore, so they got divorced right away and their friends threw them a divorce party. Most of the film revolves around the side stories of the many people who attended this party. We’re led from one story to the next by two cops who attended the scene of the accidents. One of them disapproves of the loose lifestyle of the kids and narrates the various stories to his partner as an example of why these kids are so out of control. His partner seems much more easy going and just sees them as kids being kids.

The Schoolgirl Report films are from Germany, and they’re in German with English subtitles. They’re mostly light hearted and fun affairs with lots of young people having sex and dealing with the difficulties of relationships. I reviewed Schoolgirl Report #8 a while back, and, for me at least, it was more fun and light hearted than this one, but this done still has its amusing moments and isn’t overly serious at all. There was one moment in fact that really had me laughing, involving one girl’s parents who walked in on the party where everyone was naked and passed out. I won’t spoil it here, but what happened to the father was just so ridiculously funny I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

The stories in the film are varied and developed to a point where you won’t get bored with them. The sex scenes are fun and in general the whole film is entertaining. I think that’s a problem I’ve always had with sex films. They get buried under the heaviness of all the sex and the story gets lost in all of that. These Schoolgirl Report films avoided that trap by providing us with stories that make some semblance of sense combined with a light hearted sense of humor. If you enjoy 70’s sex fare, the Schoolgirl Report films are the way to go. They’re fun, the girls are hot, the sex is good, and best of all, they’re entertaining. For this genre, I highly recommend these films.

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