Schoolgirl Report Volume #13 (1980) – By Duane L. Martin

Sadly, this is the final Schoolgirl Report film.  I say sadly, because I’ve actually enjoyed reviewing these and I’m sad that there won’t be any more.

The Scholgirl Report films are from Germany and are what I call sex films, just like the Nikkatsu films from Japan.  There are two huge differences between these films and the Nikkatsu films however.  First, the Nikkatsu films are single stories, while these Schoolgirl report films typically involve five short stories that revolve around a main story element that leads into each one.  Second, these films are generally lighter and more entertaining than the Nikkatsu films.  The Nikkatsu films are rough and go out of their way to be shocking and dark, while these films don’t.

In this particular volume, the main theme is don’t forget love during sex, and the main story that all the other stories branch out from involves a high school drama class who are rehearsing for a production of Romeo and Juliet.  To better help them understand the characters and the way they feel about each other, the teacher opens up a discussion about love and sex and how the two need each other.  The kids then each tell a story relating to what they’re talking about, and those are the five shorts within the film.

Story one involves a girl who’s egged on by her friends to try shoplifting.  She’s a Greek girl with high morals, yet she caves into the pressure, steals the panties and gets caught.  She’s then blackmailed by the shopkeeper into having sex with him for the week while his wife is away.

Story two is a fun one about a group of guys who bet their friend three cases of champagne that he can’t score with the smart girl in school who’s also the class representative.  He takes the bet, but when the girl finds out what’s going on, she comes up with a little plan of her own to teach him a lesson by enlisting the help of her elderly grandmother.

Story three is another serious one about a girl who becomes an alcoholic after her father dies.  Later, her mother’s cousin comes over from India and becomes rather obsessed with her.  She falls in love with him and is ready to give herself to him so he can be her first, but when it turns out that he’s just a womanizer who’s going back to India and only spent time with her so he could be the one to deflower her, she resists.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t resist enough and he rapes her.  After that her life devolves so deeply into alcoholism that she even prostitutes herself to get money to buy booze, and ultimately ends up beaten, raped and in the hospital where she’s finally getting the help she needs to dry out.

Story four is another fun one.  Two girls arrange for a little sex party with two boys so they can lose their virginity, not realizing the boys were also virgins.  One of the girls’ sister tags along, and they’re constantly trying to make her get condoms for them.  After repeatedly failing at that task, they finally have no other choice but to go and meet the boys without any protection.  Unfortunately, the meeting ends up being a comical disaster and the sister ends up having more luck than any of them after meeting a handsome stranger.

Story five is yet another fun one.  In this one, a guy named Michael is dating a bitchy, insanely jealous girl named Ingrid, but when a girl named Claudie that he had an encounter with in France comes for a visit, he has to decide between the two, even going so far as to enlist the aid of his friend Walter to distract Ingrid so he can spend some time alone with Claudie.

Stories two, four and five, the fun ones, are really entertaining.  It’s these three specifically that make this release worth owning.  Stories one and three, the serious ones, are good stories, but they’re rather depressing.  They mix the stories up like this in almost all of the Schoolgirl Report films, and I honestly wish they wouldn’t have as the serious ones really drag down the mood of the films.  These films work far better when they’re being silly than than when they’re trying to be serious.  It’s also distracting in a way because it creates an imbalance in the film iself.  One serious, one fun, one serious, two fun.  It just doesn’t let the film flow as well as if they’d have just kept all the stories light and fun.  Still, in the end, these are rather entertaining films, and while the acting isn’t always the best, the girls are cute and the sex is fun.

This new release from Synapse Films’ Impulse label includes newly translated, removable English subtitles and a 1:66:1 widescreen transfer.

I never have a problem recommending the Schoolgirl Report movies.  Even though some of the serious stories can be rather depressing, the fun stories on each release make them worth watching.  Honestly, if I didn’t enjoy these, I wouldn’t be sad that this was the final one.  If you enjoy fun sex films from the seventies and early eighties, then give any of the Schoolgirl Report films a try.  They’re definitely worth checking out.

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