Science, Sex and the Ladies (2015) – By Misty Layne

“Science, Sex and the Ladies is frank but irreverent with a simple yet far reaching argument. Misunderstanding the female orgasm has broken our sexual cultural. Through witty looks at anatomy, history, and culture, the film discusses how we got this way and why we need to change. It deconstructs the popular notions about women and orgasm and reveals a modern sexual reality which leaves many women feeling frustrated, ashamed, or inadequate; men perplexed and often hurt by the sexual relationship they share with the women they love; and many girls feeling confused about their very real, yet culturally complicated desire.”

Science, Sex and the Ladies is an interesting take on the documentary styled film – one that’s part educational film strip, part sketch format and altogether a whole lot of cheese. This film takes us from the cavemen days to the “Masters of Sex” to the discussing the validity of the G spot, through the sexual revolution and through modern times. It’s kind of like that ride at Epcot, you know the one that starts with the dinosaurs, but with sex…

The film is definitely quirky which makes the mass amounts of information being thrown at you a little easier to pay attention to and digest. And while I think the subject at hand is one that’s vitally important (seriously don’t even get me started on this topic and all its subtopics or we’ll be here forever), I’m not sure who the audience for this documentary is. It’s not schools because there’s a section on porn (a section which is kick ass, I might add). Maybe colleges but it’s high enough on the cheese scale that it might not fly – despite the fact that it’s done in a winking manner. And I just can’t see this as a date night movie (when in reality, that probably should be a big part of the audience). So that concerns me, that this film may not get seen and a much needed dialogue won’t open up.

But if you’re in the mood for something educational and light with a retro vibe, definitely head on over and check out Science, Sex and the Ladies. The large cast here hits all the right notes and it’s a fun ride. Visit them at their website or IMDB today!