Second Chance (2010) – By Brian Morton

Jimmy Traynor is definitely a filmmaker to keep your eye on! I’ve seen several of his films and Jimmy continues to show a continued range and depth with each movie and each movie is consistently better than the last. That means that his latest, Second Chance, is his best to date…and that’s a fact.

Second Chance is the story of the Johnson family, a family that is struggling in these tough times to make things better for their son than they were for them. Doug (the father) works three jobs and is doing his best to keep a roof over his family’s heads. Trish (the mother) works and tries to keep busy in her church, while David (their son) is doing his best to make new friends in a new neighborhood and school. David is still in touch with old friends from the old neighborhood, and his father is worried about their influence on him, but they’re good kids.

Their life isn’t perfect though, Trish is befriended by a man a church who clearly has bad intentions toward Trish and her relationship with Doug is strained to say the least…thing that happen to all of us. But, when David is killed by local criminals, Doug and Trish can either fall apart or grow closer together.

Second Chance is an excellent tale about tragedy and how it can either bring you to your knees or force you to be a better person. Second Chance is an amazing story of overcoming adversity and tragic circumstances and making yourself and those around your better because of it. I’m giving Second Chance 4 out of 4 cigars. And you can get a Second Chance yourself by heading over to